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Log abstract from the final eastbound transatlantic crossing of the RMS Queen Mary.  Sept 22, 1967.  She was still throwing up great times, averaging nearly 28 knots.  This was allegedly her 1001st crossing….  Captain John… read more ›

Log abstracts from the ss America are not very common for some reason.  I would have loved to have sailed on this beautiful ship, even after she became the Australis.  On this voyage, she put… read more ›

Simply fantastic full-color cutaway for Cunard’s RMS Aquitania.  In excellent condition aside from some pin holes.  Does not detract.  All the typical iconic views are shown including the athwartship cutaway and color views of the… read more ›

Van Ryper started his ship modeling business in 1933 in Martha’s Vineyard. The idea was straight forward–make handmade models in a very recognizable style.  The name is famous, and the models are outstanding.  But being… read more ›

Wouldn’t you like to browse through the gift shop on the RMS Queen Mary?  Ashtrays like this were popular souvenirs.  So often, the butterfly wings that were used to make these items seem to “evaporate,” i.e…. read more ›

Cute 1:1250 scale waterline model by Bassett-Lowke of the world famous RMS Queen Mary.  Happily still sporting its maker’s label on the underside and the original blue wooden base with the original cover.  It measures… read more ›

Silver pin dish hallmarked 885 (or 885 parts of silver per 1000).  Sterling silver is set by law at 925.  In its original box.  Dish measures about 3.75″ across and is in mint condition.

Lovely candy tin for the RMS Queen Mary.  Alas, no candy, but nice to see one in such good shape.  These display so well which is why they are saved, of course. Want to recreate… read more ›

Butterfly-wing reverse-painted pin dish as sold in the on board gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Like me, you could collect the whole set of butterfly wing souvenirs or just get this as a great example. … read more ›

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition. Enhance your collection today with this beautiful… read more ›

A slice of the famous ocean liner RMS Queen Mary.  Own a bit of her anchor chain.  This is one of the earliest and most interesting souvenirs made from the original fittings of the ship… read more ›

Exquisite Cunard Line enamel lapel pin.  Circa 1910 so dates to the era of RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, and RMS Carpathia.  Excellent condition with no issues to the enamel.  These look really great on your… read more ›

Reverse-painted butterfly-wing souvenir from the on-board gift shop of the famous RMS Empress of Scotland.  Must date to her brief time as the premier ship for Canadian Pacific from 1950-1957.  In excellent condition.

A resurgent and proud French Line brought out two new ships in 1952. The Flandre and the Antilles. This bronze medallion is the maiden voyage medal for the Flandre as sold in her on-board gift… read more ›

RMS Franconia spoon.  Clearly dating to the 1963 RMS Franconia, this souvenir spoon is in mint condition.  Purchased on board during her new life sailing to Bermuda.  Chrome plated and in excellent condition with no… read more ›

Great souvenir pin dish with the famous “sailor-at-the-helm” logo as seen on many French Line souvenirs.  Measures about 4¼” across.  Excellent condition.  A couple of colors to chose from so ask me if you don’t… read more ›

A well-made enamel lapel broach from the famous French Line.  Compagnie Generale Transatlantique sold these in the gift shop on the grand liners of the 1950s such as Ile de France and Liberte.  As opposed… read more ›

Very nice lapel pin for the Hamburg American Line.  I’ve never had another.  Measuring 1″ in diameter, the clasp is in perfect shape.

Ultra-rare, solid-bronze medallion for the ss Imperator of Hamburg America Line.  Dates to her maiden voyage.  Imposing portrait of the Kaiser on the reverse and a fine image of the ship on the front.  Marked… read more ›

A very rare puzzle of the French liner Liberte (the ex-NDL liner Europa!) arriving in New York.  May be taken from a photo of her arriving on her maiden voyage, given all the tugs around… read more ›

French medal designed by Rene Baudichon to commemorate the sinking.  One side shows a sinking Lusitania, and the opposite side shows the Statue of Liberty rising from the water holding a sword aloft.  These are… read more ›

Like everything else for this famous ship, obtaining high-quality Lusitania material is a rarity.  Items from her are tough to find and also jealously kept in collections.  After all, why let go something increasingly tough… read more ›

I haven’t had one of these in a while.  A beautiful enameled ship’s wheel lapel pin from the gift shop of the RMS Lusitania.  Any souvenir for the ill-fated Cunarder are extremely tough to source,… read more ›

Van Ryper started his ship modeling business in 1933 in Martha’s Vineyard. The idea was straight forward–make handmade models in a very recognizable style.  The name is famous, and the models are outstanding.  But being… read more ›

The French Line went for commemorative bronze medallions in a big way.  More than five were produced for Normandie alone.  Cunard?  Not so much.  They could not resist doing a medal for the Queen Mary,… read more ›

Straight from the on-board gift shop and likely dates to the post-war resurgence era after 1958.  These brass cufflinks would dress up any collector or collection.  Measures about 1″ across the face.  In very good… read more ›

Like a lot of our favorite collectibles, one could say “these used to be much more common.”  A 1950s or 1960s lapel pin from NDL.  Measures about 1″ across and mint.

Cute sterling-silver souvenir spoon from Norddeutscher Lloyd.  Pre WWI, and like many of the fine German souvenir spoons of this era, beautifully enameled with the company house flag.  Measures about 4″ long.

Lovely portrait ashtray from this famous French liner.  Measures about 4.5″ in diameter.  Marked on the back “Orchies Moulin des Loups & Hamage, France.”  A touch of crazing here and there.

Lovely souvenir enameled broach as sold aboard the Normandie in her gift shops, showing the shield of the province of Normandie.  As opposed to a pin, this one can be put through the lapel hole… read more ›

I have over the years had a number of these special Normandie desk-top souvenirs.  You can’t really call them common, in fact, they are quite rare in this size and condition.  Rare as hen’s teeth. … read more ›

What a cool bit of film!  The Normandie Tru Vue filmstrip.  Super sharp and ultra 3-D.  These are a joy to view and own.  Film is in excellent to mint condition in its original box… read more ›

A rare and fantastic addition to any CGT or ocean-liner collection.  A large and well-made chrome trophy given out on board the ss Normandie.  These were awarded when you participated in and won various competitions… read more ›

One of those items that makes me say “wow”!  An exquisite ink well featuring the French Line’s Art Deco masterpiece, ss Normandie.  Overall, measures about 9.75″ long.  Unfortunately, the glass inserts that hold the ink… read more ›

Souvenir pin tray from the French Line’s ss Normandie.  Measures about 5″ in diameter.  Originally sold by the ocean-liner dealer Ken Schultz as it still has his sticker on the back.

Much sought-after, rare bronze medallion produced by Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique for their famous steamship Pasteur.  These are quite desirable since, as you know, she never really entered her intended service so very few medals… read more ›

Popular Stratton enamel lapel pin from the post-war period and sold in her on-board gift shop.  Comes still attached to its original backing.  Excellent condition.

I haven’t seen one of these in a long time.  A souvenir portrait lapel pin from the RMS Queen Mary.  Dating to the time of the ship’s maiden voyage, the pin sports images of the… read more ›

Early souvenir made for the gift shop on the famous Cunarder RMS Queen Elizabeth 2.  Manufactured by Staffordshire out of fine bone china.  In excellent condition and measures about 6.75″ across.

Lovely souvenir lighter from the RMS Queen Elizabeth.  There were several different colors made by Rolstar, this one being the ivory version.  Near perfect condition. Stands about 2″ tall.

Very fine, large, and heavy bronze medal produced for Queen Mary’s maiden voyage by the Royal Mint.  The story goes that a large quantity of these were sent out to California when the RMS Queen… read more ›

Rolestar table lighter from the souvenir shop on board the RMS Queen Mary.  Our favorite Cunarder had these lighters in several colors, but I think this black version is the classiest.  In excellent condition.

One doesn’t often run across cool on-board souvenirs from the famous Italian liner Rex.  Dates to the 1930s and likely awarded to a lucky passenger for winning some on-board game on her famous Lido Deck. … read more ›

A classic and cool souvenir of the RMS Queen Mary.  A section of her mooring rope.  These were cut up and sold in the very earliest days of her time in Long Beach.  Very hard… read more ›

Very nice pin dish for the Italian Line during the 1950s on the “Sunny Southern Route.”  Measures about 5.5″ x 5.5″.  No chips, cracks, or crazing.

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting of our favorite ocean liner by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition.  Enhance your… read more ›