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Normandie Tru Vue

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What a cool bit of film!  The Normandie Tru Vue filmstrip.  Super sharp and ultra 3-D.  These are a joy to view and own.  Film is in excellent to mint condition in its original box and comes with a proper period Tru Vue viewer.  The viewer itself also comes in its original box.  14 stunning views of the ship plus some informational slides.  My favorite might be the people walking down boat deck.  It almost feels like you could step out of the frame and onto the ship with them it is so 3-D, crystal clear, and life like.  Don’t take my word for it.  You have to see these 3-D views to believe them.  Buy it and check it out, as this is Normandie in a box with everything you need to enjoy these views.

I wish Tru Vue had done similar 3-D slide shows for all the great ships of state, don’t you!