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France (1912) Sterling Silver Medal

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Highly sought-after sterling silver medal for the beautiful France of 1912.  CGT only produced one four stacker, but she was an amazing one!  The artist who designed the medal, Louis Patriarche, was a famous French sculptor.  I have had these in stock from time to time, but since the ship was built over 100 years ago, they are not common.  The medal is in excellent condition and sports about an ounce of silver.

Marked “Assemblée Général des Actionnaires” (General Meeting of Shareholders).

As many of you know I am personally trying to collect the entire set of French Line medals. It is a feat because in many cases ships had 2, 3, even 4 or 5 medals made for them. Reasons range from prewar vs postwar medals for the same ship or in the case of Normandie (and a few others), there are sterling silver variants as well as bronze and special-edition medallions. So take my word when I say go ahead and enhance your CGT medal collection. Because you won’t be disappointed. This is a rare one. Measures about 1 5/8″ in diameter.