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Normandie Medal, Rio 1938

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What would constitute the finest cruise of all time?  Not simply a good vacation, but the high-water mark of all ocean excursions?   Clearly Normandie’s two cruises to Rio should make a list of some of the finest of all time just because of the ship you traveled on.  One demerit must be taken back because I understand it was super hot on board because of the climes and time of year.  Here is a souvenir from one of those cruises–a bronze medallion from the 1938 voyage.  Unlike the bronze medals made for her maiden voyage, which were sold throughout the ship’s lifetime, these were only made for the 1938 jaunt down to Brazil.  In excellent condition.  Even better than my last one.  Cheaper here than almost anywhere else.  A superb opportunity for one of you who wants to collect all the available Normandie medals.