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Lusitania Salvaged Lord Kitchener Spoon

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When Oceaneering did its salvage work on the Lusitania in 1982, they went into the specie room and found what they thought were silver Cunard spoons.  What they turned out to be were spoons with a likeness of Lord Kitchener on them that were being shipped to the UK to be sold to raise money for the war effort, similar to war bonds during WWII.

These almost never come up for sale because the salvage company kept almost all of them, and over the years, they were lost.  The spoon can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water (as I have done with mine).  They shine up beautifully.  Items from the wreck are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and this is a rare opportunity to own something that went to the bottom with Lusitania.