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Mauretania (1907) Souvenir Bottle

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The quality of everyday items from 1907 is really refreshing in our outsourced world of plastic and cheaply manufactured junk.  Have you heard of designed obsolescence and the other ridiculous ideas brought to us in the name of progress?  I think that is why I really enjoy studying, learning, and even owning bits of history.  This souvenir bottle fits the bill of owning an interseting bit of history.  It is decorated with sterling silver design and the name of FDR’s favorite liner–the Cunarder RMS Mauretania.  I have seen other souvenirs of this silver-inlaid type, including smaller perfume bottles, but this whisky bottle is the largest and most unique I have seen.  One wonders what type of strong stuff was sold in this originally.  The silver will polish beautifully if you wish.  Stands about 10.5″ tall.  No chips or cracks.  Excellent condition.