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This spoon really surprised me when I polished it.  The gold wash in the bowl and the hand-painted ship with enamel funnels really popped and display the quality and skills with which it was made… read more ›

One of White Star’s most lavish brochures created in the midst of the depression.  This would be one of the last brochures for Adriatic and Baltic.  Celtic and Cedric having already gone.  Runs 24 pages… read more ›

White Star Line third-class egg cup.  In the pattern used on Olympic and Titanic.  Third class-china is tough to come by, perhaps the passengers were more apprehensive about taking souvenirs.   It measures about 2″… read more ›

Cute souvenir pill box from White Star’s Doric with a full enameled White Star logo complete with the ship’s name on the front.  Enamel is perfect.  No chips or cracks.  Not a ship that we… read more ›

Impressive deck plan for White Star’s last ship, the Georgic.  Sports 14 large images of the ship on glossy paper.  There is no doubt that she was far bolder than her sister Britannic of 1930… read more ›

Reverse-painted butterfly-wing souvenirs were all the rage for ocean liner gift shops in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Did you know they were also quite popular in the 1930’s?  Nice art deco octagon-shaped powder box with… read more ›

Amazing real photo postcard of Majestic in the King George V Graving Dock.  She looks massive because she was!  Unused and in excellent condition.  This is image 37 from the set.

A real photo postcard in the style of Hoffman showing Majestic’s altar.  Like Olympic, it seems the altar was setup in second class on Majestic.  Interestingly, many of Majestic’s religious artifacts ended up on the… read more ›

A ship we see little for, Megantic and her sister Laurentic inaugurated White Star Canadian service and were test beds for the Olympic-class engine technology. Beautiful woven-in-silk post card which is unused and in excellent… read more ›

Another rarely seen White Star brochure with great cover art.  This one covers Olympic’s and Majestic’s second class with 12 pages and a full photo on every page.  The center double-page spread is a stunning… read more ›

I’ve only ever had one other brochure of this type.  This is an 8-page brochure produced around 1919 when RMS Olympic restarted the Southampton service in conjunction with RMS Adriatic.  Majestic and Homeric aren’t even… read more ›

Bronze decorative acanthus leaf from a first-class corridor on Olympic.  When walking down first-class hallways, the decorative coving near the ceiling hid electrical wiring.  These were used to hide the seams in the coving woodwork… read more ›

A decorative strap from a first-class corridor on Olympic.  When walking down first-class hallways, the decorative coving seen in this photo from the Haltwhistle paint factory hid electrical wiring.  These straps were used to hide… read more ›

Olympic’s decking!  This is a nice long section of Olympic’s pine decking.  As with the staircase moulding, much of this was cut up into smaller segments; so very few really long sections survive. This pine decking… read more ›

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Unused and unusual gummed sticker for mail posted on Olympic.  Measures about 2″ long.  Excellent condition.  A small quantity available.

Glass paperweight for one of history’s most storied ocean liners, the RMS Olympic. In very good condition with just a bit of paint loss  to the sky on the reverse-painted image.   Does not detract or… read more ›

A writing pen made from Olympic’s timbers.  These were made custom for me by Ray Cowell, who once owned the paint factory that was outfitted with fittings from Olympic. Measures about 3.5″.

Quarter-sawn oak from RMS Olympic takes center stage with this pen holder carved from her timbers.  Just look at that grain.  These were made custom for me by Ray Cowell, the gentleman who once owned… read more ›

Now available!  A lavishly illustrated history by Brian Hawley of one of the greatest liners ever built — White Star’s RMS Olympic.  Highlights of this 128-page softcover book include dozens of unpublished and never-before-seen photographs,… read more ›

A lovely artist card by Norman Wilkinson of RMS Olympic passing Fort Clinton at the tip of Manhattan.  Not one of the more common cards White Star issued for her.  In good unused condition with… read more ›

One of the nicer cards ever issued for Olympic.  There’s something very soothing about it.  In great condition (with a bent corner) and unused.

Sterling silver spoon from RMS Olympic’s on-board gift shop.  This pre-war beauty was made in Birmingham and is dated 1913.  The enamel disk of Olympic coming out of a 5-pointed star is impressive.  Mint condition.

Here is something interesting.  Have you ever wanted to own something in the original paint from Olympic?  Well, now you can. This bit of molding from her grand staircase is still in the original green… read more ›

Late stationary from your favorite ship.  Great engraving of Olympic still commanding the seas 3 decades after she was conceived.  Unused and in very good condition with some slight bends at the edges.

A rare red linoleum floor tile from RMS Olympic that is framed in pine decking from Olympic!  The red tiles are identical to those used on Titanic and are much rarer than the green tiles. … read more ›

Everybody wants one.  How about you?  Useful reed-and-star pattern wine bottle stopper from the pattern introduced on Olympic and Titanic.  In excellent condition.  Complete with the mysterious “Maltese” cross!  Measures about 3″ long.  We all… read more ›

Superb first-class bread/fruit basket by Elkington.  Boldly sporting the famous reed-and-star pattern introduced for use on Olympic and Titanic, this particular serving dish is also emblazoned with oak leaves, acorns, shells, and not one but… read more ›

Impressive and decorative silverplated sauce dish.  By our old friends Elkington and dated to 1930.  Perhaps made for Britannic.  Happily, it is in the famous reed-and-star pattern.  Not only is that the world’s favorite White… read more ›

Over the years, as you can imagine, I have handled a lot of White Star Line silverware.  Hundreds and hundreds of pieces in my personal collection, the items that have sold on Luxury Liner Row,… read more ›

Made famous in the blooper from the movie “A Night to Remember” (that somehow made it into the movie!), White Star did indeed use sugar shakers although perhaps less enthusiastically than in the movie.  This… read more ›

Beautifully made white-enamel cap badge as worn by stewards on board White Star ships.   This is one of those five-pointed beauties that I have always wanted in my personal collection so I am sure many… read more ›