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This spoon really surprised me when I polished it.  The gold wash in the bowl and the hand-painted ship with enamel funnels really popped and display the quality and skills with which it was made… read more ›

One of White Star’s most lavish brochures created in the midst of the depression.  This would be one of the last brochures for Adriatic and Baltic.  Celtic and Cedric having already gone.  Runs 24 pages… read more ›

A second-class passenger list for the RMS Cedric’s crossing from Liverpool to New York, Valentines Day, February 14, 1906.  Captain Cameron in command, and the surgeon is W.F.N. O’Loughlin of Titanic fame.  The cover is… read more ›

Some excellent research by White Star china historian Russ Upholster has revealed that the name of this pattern (often inaccurately called “Wisteria” or “Gothic Arch”) is actually “Crown.”  It’s a fitting name because of the… read more ›

One of the first pieces of china in my personal collection was a White Star Line side plate just like this one.  These lovely plates display so well and I have a soft spot for… read more ›

Beautiful stand-up menu for the RMS Cymric dated June 24, 1913.  This is identical to the style used on Olympic and Titanic. Europe and Columbia are seen flanking a White Star over an image of… read more ›

“The World’s Largest Ship.”  Wait, shouldn’t that be the United States Lines’s Leviathan?  At the time, it depended on if who you ask was from the US or the UK!  Both ships were pretty evenly… read more ›

Amazing real photo postcard of Majestic in the King George V Graving Dock.  She looks massive because she was!  Unused and in excellent condition.  This is image 37 from the set.

A real photo postcard in the style of Hoffman showing Majestic’s altar.  Like Olympic, it seems the altar was setup in second class on Majestic.  Interestingly, many of Majestic’s religious artifacts ended up on the… read more ›

Superb graphics on the cover of this passenger list for White Star’s finest 19th Century ship, the RMS Oceanic.  The last ship conceived and built under the guidance of the line’s founder, Thomas Ismay, Oceanic… read more ›

A rarity these days!  A pre-sinking postcard for this, perhaps history’s most famous pair of steamships.  No message (and given the recent incident perhaps no message was required) but has been addressed and is dated… read more ›

A decorative strap from a first-class corridor on Olympic.  When walking down first-class hallways, the decorative coving seen in this photo from the Haltwhistle paint factory hid electrical wiring.  These straps were used to hide… read more ›

Olympic’s decking!  This is a nice long section of Olympic’s pine decking.  As with the staircase moulding, much of this was cut up into smaller segments; so very few really long sections survive. This pine decking… read more ›

Unused and unusual gummed sticker for mail posted on Olympic.  Measures about 2″ long.  Excellent condition.  A small quantity available.

A writing pen made from Olympic’s timbers.  These were made custom for me by Ray Cowell, who once owned the paint factory that was outfitted with fittings from Olympic. Measures about 3.5″.

Now available!  A lavishly illustrated history by Brian Hawley of one of the greatest liners ever built — White Star’s RMS Olympic.  Highlights of this 128-page softcover book include dozens of unpublished and never-before-seen photographs,… read more ›

This is my personal favorite postcard of Olympic.  Isn’t she powerful and sleek looking in this image from her gravy years of the 1920s?  This is Olympic back on top after the war.  Don’t we… read more ›

First-class fold over menu of the type used so famously on RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic.  This one from the ill-fated RMS Republic of recent TV multi-part documentary fame.  I’ll leave it up to you… read more ›

Cute menu from the RMS Romanic.  She was built for the Dominion Line as the New England, making her maiden voyage in 1898.  Many sources state that Romanic was then transferred to White Star in… read more ›

The famous Tuck’s postcard of Titanic at sea.  Unused and in excellent condition.  This is an asset to any RMS Titanic or White Star Line collection.  Not a reproduction, and I can–I feel certain–invoke my… read more ›

White Star brochure in Dutch advertising the Canadian service.  Includes the Calgaric, Laurentic, Arabic, Megantic, Albertic, and Doric.  White Star’s Canadian fleet came in at about 102,000 tons of ship! 16 pages with 14 full-page… read more ›

While at one time there must have been a veritable flood of letters such as this one cascading forth from the various White Star Line agencies (which are so thoughtfully listed in the letterhead), today… read more ›