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Oceanic Passenger List 1909

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Superb graphics on the cover of this passenger list for White Star’s finest 19th Century ship, the RMS Oceanic.  The last ship conceived and built under the guidance of the line’s founder, Thomas Ismay, Oceanic was the pinnacle of Ismay’s career.  Dated August 4, 1909, this list is special in a number of ways, including one of the earliest references I have seen to Titanic in a period White Star piece.  She and Olympic are both listed as “Building” and as “the Largest Steamers in the World.”

The other things that make this list desirable is that the Captain is Herbert Haddock, Titanic’s first captain.  He signed on as captain on 25 March and signed off a few days later when E.J. Smith took over to take the ship on her trials.  Haddock was also in command of Olympic when Titanic sank.  In another Titanic connection, the famous “gamblers notice” is present as well.  Also on board are Arthur Beaumont (later Olympic’s surgeon) and C.B. Lancaster, who was on board Titanic’s sister Britannic when she sank.