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Britannic (1914) Woodwork, First-Class Smoke Room

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Britannic was to become more important than ever to White Star Line’s future in 1912, but as we know, it was not to be.  Her interiors fittings were largely completed, and much of this was installed before she became a hospital ship.  Her first-class smoking room was not installed when she sank in 1916, and that is fortunate for us since much of it survived in a hotel/bar in the UK.

This beautifully carved oak was part of the door surround that led to the room from the first-class staircase.  I was able to acquire all of it that survives; so this is your only chance to obtain this exquisite carving, which was made by the same men who carved the woodwork on Olympic and Titanic.

It is in excellent condition and measures about 28″ x 5″.  Unlike a lot of fittings from Olympic, this hasn’t been over painted by someone in the past.  One thing that acquiring this and the other carvings from the room proved was the renderings showing this room to be of a different design than the ones on Olympic and Titanic were accurate, right down to the details of the eagle over the fireplace.