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Majestic (1922) Brochure

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The Worlds Largest Ship!  Majestic and Leviathan were not just vying with each other for the title of the largest ship in the world, they were also vying for speed records.  Here is how that worked.  Leviathan and Majestic were the second-fastest ships on the Atlantic in the 1920’s and just about evenly matched.  They regularly averaged 23 knots on crossings and were capable of reaching over 25 knots.  For publicity purposes, both White Star Line and the United States Line advertised their ships as holding speed records.  For the most part, these claims took some fancy foot work to support.  For example, the claim that Mauretania’s faster record run was not to Southampton but to Liverpool!  Covers 24 pages with each photo being a full page.  Smaller version of this brochure that was also produced in a larger format.  Excellent condition.