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Olympic Staircase Moulding

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We are now nearly 16 years past the famous Haltwhistle auction of woodwork and fittings from our favorite liner RMS Olympic.  As you are no doubt well aware, years ago many other sellers, who were offering woodwork from the ship, chopped it up into small chunks.  Because of this, large and important intact carvings from the ship today… well, they are as rare as hen’s teeth and are never offered publicly.

This is a very choice four-foot section of hand-carved staircase moulding.  Stamped on the back with carpentry instructions for its location on board.  This particular piece was for the port side of promenade deck.  This is my last available section.  I have held onto it for 16 years, and it’s time to let it go.  If you want a large length of this famous carved oak with the original Harland & Wolff carpentry instructions, this might be your last chance to obtain it.