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Georgic Deck Plan, First Class

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Very fine tissue deck plan for the RMS Georgic of 1932.  As you know, she was the last White Star Liner constructed.  Despite her being mortgaged to the hilt (with like 4 or 5 loans secured against her), this plan is much more spiffy than I would have thought.  MV Georgic and her sister ship MV Britannic were well-built ships and perfectly suited to the traffic on the Atlantic at the time.  However, they were both so deeply mortgaged that Cunard kept trying to keep these lovely, brand-new vessels out of the Cunard White Star merger.  The Cunard Line just couldn’t figure out how to make the repayments on the ships and ever earn a profit.  In the end, the British government forced them to take on all of White Star and its huge debt load, but I digress.  Beautifully oversized with full color coding and a fantastic color image of White Star’s plucky little entry into the Art Deco race which was just getting underway 90 years ago on the North Atlantic.  Dated March, 1932, the plan measures about 40″ x 35″ and in excellent condition.

Did you know White Star black mailed the Government of Northern Ireland (or looking at it another way, shrewdly negotiated) to give them yet another loan on Georgic when no one else would?  The bait used was White Star’s inability finish the ship and their making serious noises about just abandoning poor Georgic at the yard.  The effect, of course, would be to block up Harland and Wolff’s Shipyard.  With thousands of jobs at stake, the gambit worked, and yet another loan was added to the mix, ensuring the ship’s completion.