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The odd and lengthy story of this saucer is quite interesting.  I first saw one back at a THS convention for Titanic’s 80th anniversary 30 years ago in 1992.  At that time a liner dealer had a small stack of these about a foot high, which made quite an impression on young Brian.  These, needless to say, are much rarer today.

For any of you out there who doubt the lasting power of ocean-liner collectibles, this saucer is hard-and-fast proof of the voracious nature of the collecting world for these items.  Large, even vast, quantities of White Star china have been sold in the last 25 years yet it gets rarer and rarer each year, and the demand only goes up.

But back to this particular saucer.  This is a brown variant of what is known as the Bradford pattern as used on the RMS Olympic in second class in the 1920s.  Boldly marked OSNC (Oceanic Steamship Navigation Company) on the front and White Star Line on the reverse, it makes a nice addition to any collection.   What’s somewhat odd about this brown pattern is there are NO cups….  I don’t mean the cups are rare…. I mean they are non existent.  No collector I know has ever seen one and neither have I.  Please, one of you out there, prove me wrong on this.  I would love to be proved wrong.  In excellent condition and measures about 5″ across.  Sports the almost-required Stoniers mark and measures about 4.75″ across.