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Republic Wine Bottle, Salvaged

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Way back in 1987, artifacts from the wreck of the White Star liner Republic, which sank dramatically in 1909, were salvaged.  Claims of massive amounts of gold, wild-goose chases, and tails of sad tragic drama have abounded.  Those things are the sort so beneath my time it is best to leave them to “docudrama” TV shows and social media flame wars.

What *is* worth all of our time is this lovely green-glass bottle that was recovered from the wreck in 1987.  A number of bottles were recovered from the wreck all those decades ago, but like nearly anything of interest in our fascinating hobby of ocean-liner collecting, what was once numerous has been sucked up into private collections long ago.  The seller I purchased this bottle from informed me that this is one of the last he had and that he personally bought at the original auction 34 years ago.  Grab it because it is unlikely we will see many more of these links to history.