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Van Ryper started his ship-modeling business in 1933 in Martha’s Vineyard.  The idea was straight forward — make handmade models in a very recognizable style.  The name is famous, and the models are outstanding.  But… read more ›

A resurgent and proud French Line brought out two new ships in 1952. The Flandre and the Antilles. This bronze medallion is the maiden voyage medal for the Flandre as sold in her on-board gift… read more ›

Fantastic tourist-class full-color brochure printed on glossy paper. The best on-board photos you can imagine! Complete with sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus — oh, that French Line food. Certainly the best brochure done for… read more ›

Full-color brochure filled with 35 photos for both classes. Fold-out in the middle with an aerial photo of her at sea. Pull-out profile at the back which is color-coded to show you in what parts… read more ›

A full-color fold-open brochure with great graphics for the fantastic ss France.  One I haven’t had in quite some time.  The French Line was creative in the images with this brochure.  Really cute.  Measures about… read more ›

Cute little juice glass from the service of the France of 1962. Frosted CGT logo. Of all the liner crystal I stock this timeless pattern is the most popular.  Stands about 3.5″ tall. Excellent condition.

Everyone loved these art deco ashtrays when they were introduced on the Normandie. So much so that many of the Normandie’s were swiped as souvenirs. Because of this the French Line was forced to remove… read more ›

An interesting French Line brochure I have only had once before.  Covering the famous ss Ile de France, ss Flandre, and ss Liberte.  Dates to 1950s or, if you will, the 100 year give or… read more ›

Great souvenir pin dish with the famous “sailor-at-the-helm” logo as seen on many French Line souvenirs.  Measures about 4¼” across.  Excellent condition.

A well-made enamel lapel broach from the famous French Line.  Compagnie Generale Transatlantique sold these in the gift shop on the grand liners of the 1950s such as Ile de France and Liberte.  As opposed… read more ›

Extremely rare and desirable sugar tongs from the Ile de France.  Not only are they super cute, but they are in fantastic condition.  Measuring about 5″ and made by Christofle. 

Van Ryper started his ship-modeling business in 1933 in Martha’s Vineyard.  The idea was straight forward — make handmade models in a very recognizable style.  The name is famous, and the models are outstanding.  But… read more ›

A very rare puzzle of the French liner Liberte (the ex-NDL liner Europa!) arriving in New York.  May be taken from a photo of her arriving on her maiden voyage, given all the tugs around… read more ›

Tourist-class deck plan for the ss Liberte.  It’s surprising how small her tourist-class accommodation was.  8 photos and dated 11-15-50.  When opened, it measures 31″ in length.  Excellent condition.

Lovely oval baggage sticker for the famous French liner Normandie.  I usually don’t sell baggage stickers, but this one is so  cool that I couldn’t resist!  Unused.

I don’t often sell baggage tags, but when they are as cool and iconic to the travel world as this mint condition example from the French Line’s world famous ss Normandie well….  Unused with its… read more ›

A tourist-class brochure for the Normandie in French.  Fantastic cover art, but what makes it interesting are the renderings inside which make third-class look far more inviting but also suggest it is a maiden-voyage-era brochure. … read more ›

Do you wish you could have been a member of the Normandie driving club?  Here is your chance.  Imagine pulling up to the French Line pier in New York in your 1935 Dusenberg for your… read more ›

The famed crystal clock produced for the ss Normandie.  This was reproduced for the Walter Drake catalog about 30 years ago.  In fantastic condition with its original box.  Works perfectly. This clock is a beautiful… read more ›

Unusual cut-away for the ss Normandie.  Your favorite French Line ship is surrounded by nearly 24 interiors renderings, meaning that it certainly dates to before the maiden voyage.  Great cover art!  Something CGT was really… read more ›

Lovely souvenir enameled broach as sold aboard the Normandie in her gift shops, showing the shield of the province of Normandie.  As opposed to a pin, this one can be put through the lapel hole… read more ›

I have over the years had a number of these special Normandie desk-top souvenirs.  You can’t really call them common, in fact, they are quite rare in this size and condition.  Rare as hen’s teeth. … read more ›

Second-class passenger list for the Normandie’s voyage from Le Havre to New York via Southampton.  Sailing date was July 7, 1937.  1,112 passengers on board.  Back shows where it had been attached to an album.

Original photo of the ss Normandie on the stocks waiting for launch.  The lines of her magnificent hull are clearly evident.  Photo measures 6″ x 4″ and is in excellent condition.

Attractive fold-over stationary from the fantastic French Line ss Normandie.  Unused and in excellent condition.  A few sheets available.

What a cool bit of film!  The Normandie Tru Vue filmstrip.  Super sharp and ultra 3-D.  These are a joy to view and own.  Film is in excellent to mint condition in its original box… read more ›

What an unusual and rare item!  A first-class cabin key for the ss Normandie.  Tag and key are both marked “CGT,” and the tag is also marked “Normandie.”  These rarely come up for sale so… read more ›

A cute individual-sized silver-plated tea pot from the on-board service of the French Line’s ss Normandie.  I love the art deco styling and the thoughtful heat spacers on the handle so you don’t burn yourself. … read more ›

A rare and fantastic addition to any CGT or ocean-liner collection.  A large and well-made chrome trophy given out on board the ss Normandie.  These were awarded when you participated in and won various competitions… read more ›

Running 24 pages and full of information on this lovely CGT ocean liner. “Drifting up or down the grand stairway against the background of its exquisite decorations what famous personages one may meet…. This is… read more ›

Super sharp real photo of Verandah Cabin 77 on board the Paris. This was one of ten cabins with private verandahs aft on A Deck. What an amazing room! Great flower vases! Mounted to a… read more ›

Much sought-after, rare bronze medallion produced by Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique for their famous steamship Pasteur.  These are quite desirable since, as you know, she never really entered her intended service so very few medals… read more ›