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French Line Brochure, The Soul Of A Ship

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A fascinating brochure for the French Line from the ss Normandie era.  As it says itself: “Who would dispute the statement that, without its personnel to give it soul, the most gigantic, most lavishly decorated and most costly steamer ever fashioned by the hand of man, would be but a lifeless, helpless, aimlessly drifting iron hulk?”  Filled with high-quality pencil drawings of various crew members and the services they performed on board.  These images must represent the actual people, and aren’t they Gallic in countenance.  The chef de cuisine, for example, is  called “Unseen god of gastronomy, genius of gustatory delights, sultan of sauces, dictator of delectables, caliph of the culinary art.” Wow!  Each crew member gets a description like this.  Those listed are the Captain, Doctor, Purser, Chief Engineer, Inspector, Chief Steward, Chef de Cuisine, Orchestra Leader, Wireless Operator, Guignolist, Stewardess, Sports Director, Barman, Mousse, Governess Nurse, and Seaman.  What a list!  A fun read and a worthy addition to any CGT collection.