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France (1962), China Dinner Plate

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Elegant bone-china dinner plate from the celebrated ss France of 1962.  The French Line really splashed out on the food with one critic suggesting the sea gulls followed the France instead of other ships since the food scraps were so good!  This dinner plate is in very good condition with some slight wear to gold leaf.

A lot of people think this is a Normandie plate.  I don’t and have heard some confirmation that this pattern by Jean Luce is from the earliest days of the France.  Made of fine-bone china and quite expensive to manufacture.  It seems it was delicate and prone to chipping.  After getting tired of expensive replacement costs, CGT began to replace this china with sturdier restaurant-ware china in the dining rooms of the France.  Here is a chance for you to obtain a luxurious dinner plate from the triumphant maiden voyage from 1962!  France Afloat!