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Normandie Ash Tray, Jean Luce

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One of the most interesting souvenir hunts in history was created by the famous French Line.  CGT took an opportunity to manufacture their ashtrays designed by Jean Luce in fine porcelain for their flagship ss Normandie.  The ship was outfitted with individual ashtrays like this which say proudly French Line ss Normandie!  They were meant to be taken as advertising but perhaps not meant to be taken in such numbers that they were tough to keep in stock.  Quickly, the French Line took the few back that were left and put a black band over the ss Normandie part.  Even later, new ashtrays were made for Normandie that just said French Line, no mention of the world’s most-famous ship.  Here is the original item, a maiden voyage era ashtray sporting the ship’s name!  Collect the whole set?