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Nice photo brochure for a French liner we see very little for.  The brochure runs 20 pages and contains 23 wonderful interior photos of all three classes.  It is in great condition, and the text in French.

Unusual bronze centennial medallion for this French company, dated 1851-1951. Designed by Andre Lavrillier. Complete with the original box which is in very good condition with some separations at the corners. Before you ask how I know it’s the original box, I’ve got an identical marked box (with medal) for… read more ›

Delightful and extremely high-quality water glass by Saint Louis Crystal in the famous “Jersey” pattern.  No chips or cracks. Perfect condition.  Measures about 6″ tall.

The famous “Jersey” pattern crystal from the fabulous ss France of 1962.  The Saint Louis crystal company made this classic and beautiful pattern.  Stands about 5″ tall.  Apparently, this pattern of fine crystal was meant for the US market but taken off and used exclusively for the French Line.

Very nice pre-war brochure for the French Line’s De Grasse.  Runs 16 pages with 26 photos, including one of a car in the ship’s garage.  Cover is a bit dirty but otherwise in great condition.  She was quite a bit more art deco on the inside that I think I… read more ›

One of my best customers always refers to De Grasse as CGT’s “spunky” ship. What he means is that she was built as an intermediate liner in the 1920’s, but after the war, she alone carried the French flag and reestablished French Line service to New York for two lonely… read more ›

Filled with over 50 photos of the public rooms on board, this amazing brochure for first and tourist class runs 36 pages and gives an outstanding overview of the public rooms and cabins on this diminutive French liner.  Text in French.  In excellent condition.

Glossy first-class deck plans for the Flandre.  Dated March, 1955.  These were the gravy years for CGT postwar.  The fleet had finally returned to service and strength!  12 photos of the ship and her interiors.  The glowing paneling of her suites, wow!  In excellent condition with a travel agent’s stamp.

Depending on your taste, the France of 1912 may have been the most luxurious ship on the Atlantic — at least in the pre-war period. This 24-page brochure covers it all in first class. Witty text, a great cover, and interesting views combine to make this perhaps the second-best brochure… read more ›

Fantastic tourist-class full-color brochure printed on glossy paper. The best on-board photos you can imagine! Complete with sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus — oh, that French Line food. Certainly the best brochure done for her tourist-class service.  Tourist numbers held up well in the jet era while first-class suffered… read more ›

Full-color brochure filled with 35 photos for both classes. Fold-out in the middle with an aerial photo of her at sea. Pull-out profile at the back which is color-coded to show you in what parts of the ship the different classes were located. Super photo on the cover! in French… read more ›

A brochure for crossings on the France dated April, 1974.  Loads of fly one way and sail the other fares with airfare and first-class travel on the ship coming in at around $1000 per person.  Filled with color glossy photos of the ship and life on board that I haven’t… read more ›

A full-color fold-open brochure with great graphics for the fantastic ss France.  One I haven’t had before.  Measures about 26″ x 24″.  In excellent condition.

Wish you could still sail on the “newest, longest liner afloat”?  The ss France was a masterpiece, and this brochure shows it.  When unfolded, it is filled with glossy color images of life on board.  In very good condition with two small holes on the back cover.

Cute little juice glass from the service of the France of 1962. Frosted CGT logo. Of all the liner crystal I stock this timeless pattern is the most popular.  Stands about 3″ tall. Excellent condition. A small quantity available.

Coming in at a massive 46″ long, this is an amazing cut-away. In full-color, 232 items are listed in the extensive key. It is sad to think that this magnificent liner is now gone. As troubling as that is, you can still hang this French beauty on your wall. Very… read more ›

Likely the last deck plan ever made for the incomparable ss France.  She remained “the” ship until the end with passengers such as Elton John, Yoko Ono, and John Lennon crossing on her (on the same voyage) in 1974.  Folds open brochure style and sports 12 photos.  Measures about 33”… read more ›

Superb fold-out color-coded deck plan for first class. Who fantasizes about traveling any other way?  Eight color photos on glossy paper. In French and English. One of the best deck plans you can find for her. Mint condition.

Wow!  The French Line really went all out on this glorious color-coded tourist-class (second-class) deck plan.  It is full glossy with all color photos.  CGT was being quite careful to cultivate the tourist market, and it shows.  In excellent condition.  Doesn’t even appear to have been unfolded until I did… read more ›

You know the French Line went for broke when they gold washed their bronze medallions. The France was France’s last transatlantic liner and one of the last ships of state to be built. She was amazing. Medallion is in excellent condition without the typical wear. Some slight scuffing.  It has… read more ›

A very unusual set of seven flyers for the French Line dating to around 1967 that I have never seen before.  This set of  brochures covers the various services offered on board the ss France to specialized groups of people — mothers and children, female passengers, business travelers, etc.  A… read more ›

Highly sought-after sterling silver medal for the beautiful France of 1912.  CGT only produced one four stacker, but she was an amazing one!  The artist who designed the medal, Louis Patriarche, was a famous French sculptor.  I have had these in stock from time to time, but since the ship… read more ›

Pottery ashtray probably dating to the 1950’s. Measures about 2″ tall and 5″ across. In very good condition. Interestingly, interestingly only one spot for a cigarette.

Glass French Line in service individual ashtray that likely dates to the 1950’s. It is similar to the more commonly seen Opalex ashtrays, but this is a particular material and style I have not seen before. Made by S.E.V.N. Guerville. Great logos and in excellent condition. Measures about 3½” x… read more ›

Everyone loved these art deco ashtrays when they were introduced on the Normandie. So much so that many of the Normandie’s were swiped as souvenirs. Because of this the French Line was forced to remove the ship’s name from them. The shape and style remained popular and continued in use… read more ›

An interesting brochure I haven’t seen before.  Covering the famous ss Ile de France, ss Flandre, and ss Liberte.  Dates to 1956 or, if you will, the 101st year of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique service.  In very good condition with the slightest soiling to the cover.  Covers both first and second… read more ›

France Afloat.  Just the title conjures up thoughts of lazy days at sea and wonderful food.  Dates to the immediate post-war period since the Ile de France and Liberte are listed as being refurbished.  “Once again, the Europe-bound tourist is able to cross the Atlantic in the French Manner —… read more ›

Ile de France.  The name conjures up images of luxury, incredible French cuisine, and a rescue at sea.  What’s interesting to me is that the French Line never constructed sister ships.  A new ship was constructed for the line about every five years (war not withstanding), and the Ile was… read more ›

This brochure dates to her return to service after World War II in 1949.  Covers both first and cabin class over 16 pages. Great renderings of the liner’s new interiors.  Includes a two-page center color spread showing the ship in all her glory.  Excellent condition.

Formerly the NDL liner, Europa, CGT’s Liberte was taken over by the French LIne after the war and completely gutted and redecorated.  Despite several mishaps during her refit, she finally made her maiden voyage in 1950 and was eventually laid up in 1962. This brochure covers all three classes on… read more ›

The first cruise deck plan I have had for the Liberte.  She’s brand new to CGT service, and the plan is dated to 1951.  Shows first and second class.  The plan has 3 black-and-white images.  Interesting plan since I wasn’t aware that the Liberte did cruises this early on.  A… read more ›

A brochure I have never had before for France’s greatest liner.  Very few brochures are seen for Normandie’s lower classes, and as with first class, tourist and third were a feast for the eyes!  This brochure is in near-mint condition and looks like it just came off the printing press! … read more ›

Lovely souvenir enameled shield pin as sold aboard the Normandie in her gift shops, showing the shield of the province of Normandie.  Happily no loss to the enamel.  Made by A. Duseaux in Paris.  Has its original pin on the back.  Measures about 1″.  Wear it to your next ship… read more ›

I’m pleased to be able to offer this life jacket from France’s greatest liner.  Canvas over cork with “Normandie, Le Havre” stenciled on it.  Needless to say these are quite rare.  All the ties and buckles in very good condition.  Some very slight staining on the canvas.  Displays wonderfully.  I… read more ›

$3,000.00 More Information

Original photo of the ss Normandie on the stocks waiting for launch.  The lines of her magnificent hull are clearly evident.  Photo measures 6″ x 4″ and is in excellent condition.

Looking for that one elusive salt or pepper shaker to complete your set?  You are in luck with this gem.  Silver-plated and crystal salt or pepper from Normandie’s on-board service.  Made by the famous St. Louis crystal company and marked as such.  Measures about 2½” tall and in excellent condition.

When it comes to deck plans, there are two Holy Grails — Titanic and a Normandie Iso.  It’s easy to see from these ISO plans why the layout of Normandie’s public rooms was considered so revolutionary.  With five images, the plan is dated January, 1937; so, of course, the new… read more ›

Super sharp real photo of Verandah Cabin 77 on board the Paris. This was one of ten cabins with private verandahs aft on A Deck. What an amazing room! Great flower vases! Mounted to a stiff backing (probably removed from an agent’s photo book), the photo itself measures about 9″… read more ›