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Simply fantastic full-color cutaway for Cunard’s RMS Aquitania.  In fantastic condition.  All the typical iconic views are shown including the athwartship cutaway and views of the other Cunarders circa 1925.  Berengaria and Mauretania figure heavily…. read more ›

Highly desirable log abstract from Aquitania’s post-war service to Canada.  Very little is seen from this period of her career.  Cunard would have kept running her on this service if she had been able to… read more ›

Sought-after souvenir compact as sold in Aquitania’s gift shop.  A nice item that dates to the 1930’s or 1940’s.  Still has some powder in it.  In excellent condition.

Stunning Bassett-Lowke model of the Cunarder Aquitania.  As you know, Bassett-Lowke is THE name in high-quality detailed British ocean-liner models.  They are meticulously made and highly sought after.  This example is happily absolutely mint.  I… read more ›

Super Stratton compact from the Ascania.  In great condition and never used.  Complete with the cardboard insert from Stratton.  Completed in 1925 as the fifth of Cunard’s “A” Class ships that served Canada, the Ascania… read more ›

Cunard’s postwar flagship until the Queen Mary entered service.  Measures about 36” x 31” when opened.  Some typical small tears at the folds and edges, but none are over 1”.  It would frame beautifully.

Glass paperweight made for the on-board gift shop of Cunard’s RMS Berengaria.  She carried the Prince of Wales in 1924.  Who knows?  Perhaps this paperweight went along for the ride on that particular crossing.  In… read more ›

Super impressive aerial photo for the RMS Berengaria.  Taken sometime in 1935 or the beginning of 1936 (because Majestic is docked at Cunard’s Pier 54).  With frame, it measures about 18″ x 13.75″.  Comes from… read more ›

Original Edwin Levick photograph of Cunard’s Berengaria.  From the R.T. Johnson Collection, manager of Cunard’s NYC cruise department.  He may have purchased it on board in the early 1930s when he went to the UK for… read more ›

Souvenir enamel spoon as sold in the onboard gift shops of the famous Berengaria.  Dates to the 1920’s. Stupendous Cunard logo surmounting the spoon.  Slight manufacturing flaw in the enamel which does not detract and… read more ›

A Cunard Steamship souvenir plate from the 1890’s. Campania and Lucania represented in all manor of English Heraldry including the Tudor Rose, the thistle, and the official coat of arms of the UK, whose motto… read more ›

Full-color fold-open brochure for the “new” Carinthia.  Almost certainly date to before the maiden voyage because all nine of the interior illustrations are color renderings.  Also has a rendering of the liner.  When opened, it… read more ›

Extremely clear photo of Carinthia probably on her trials.  Stamp on the back reads: Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Ltd. Clydebank Division.”  This was the name for a consortium of shipbuilders that was created in 1968 from… read more ›

Impressive and well-made pre-war sterling silver and enamel souvenir spoon.  The “pretty sisters” also had great gift shop items.  Measures about 4” long and in near mint condition.

Nice full-color brochure produced for Cunard Line’s fantastic Caronia.  Twelve images for her interiors and exteriors.  Measures 16″ x 18″ inches.  Very good condition.  I had 15 of these! You guys cleaned me out and… read more ›

I love these colorful cut-aways.  Whether you frame them or just take them out and look at them, they’re gorgeous and informative.  Cunard must have loved them as well because they produced them for all… read more ›

Not-often-seen brochure produced for the launch of the largest ship built anywhere since the end of WWII, Cunard’s incomparable Green Goddess, Caronia.  Because of post-war rationing, promotional materials were not produced on the scale seen… read more ›

Co-authored with well-known maritime author and lecturer Bill Miller, this 96-page soft-cover book about Cunard White Star’s famous Caronia is filled with never-before-seen photos.  Nearly all of the images come from my personal archive and… read more ›

Butterfly-wing reverse-painted pin dish as sold in the on board gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Like me, you could collect the whole set of butterfly wing souvenirs or just get this as a great example. … read more ›

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition. Enhance your collection today with this beautiful… read more ›

Glossy color-coded first-class deck plan for the famous Franconia.  Dated November, 1950.  Sports 6 color images, including the famous painting of her by Kenneth Shoesmith.  In excellent condition.

Beautifully restored footstool from cabin M-94 of the Franconia.  This piece is typical of the furnishings and fittings put on the ship when she was new and called the Ivernia.  In the early 1960’s, Cunard… read more ›

Impressive real photo of Cunard’s Ivernia of 1900.  This large photo shows the ship in Liverpool  just before WWI.  Note the distinctive brown painted band just under her white superstructure.  This was a feature of… read more ›

Not often seen spoon as sold in the on board gift shop from Cunard’s ill fated Lancastira.  In excellent condition with no problems with the silver or its high quality enamel.  Measures about 4” long.

Super souvenir from the ship’s on-board gift shop.  In good condition considering its age with some staining on the ends.  Quite rare especially since it is white and not the more commonly seen black version. … read more ›

Hard-to-find stand-up dinner menu for the ill-fated RMS Lusitania. Judging from the selections, this is without doubt from the first-class dining room. Dated September 29, 1912, just a few months after Titanic sank.

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