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Printed on glossy paper, which makes the photos quite clear.  32 pages with 5 photos!  Covers first and second class.  All amazing and most not published elsewhere, including such oddities as her motor lifeboat with… read more ›

A very early brochure for her, probably from her entry into service.  32 pages with 30 images, many I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Huge amount of information about the rooms and heavy concentration on the decorative… read more ›

Simply fantastic full-color cutaway for Cunard’s RMS Aquitania.  In near-mint condition.  All the typical iconic views are shown including the athwartship cutaway and views of the other Cunarders circa 1925.  Berengaria and Mauretania figure heavily…. read more ›

Lovely graphics on this Aquitania dinner menu from May 16, 1922.  Although the class is not specifically mentioned, it is probably a second-class menu given the limited choices available.  Excellent condition.

A very special menu from one of Cunard’s most-loved liners, the Aquitania.  This menu is for a luncheon on board on July 5, 1949, just a few months before she left Cunard service forever.  Some… read more ›

The souvenir hardback edition of the Shipbuilder magazine for Cunard’s amazing ocean liner RMS Aquitania.  It’s the Aquitania bible and is in amazing condition.  Runs 152 pages with foldouts, plans and illustrations too numerous to… read more ›

Sought-after souvenir compact as sold in Aquitania’s gift shop.  A nice item that dates to the 1930’s or 1940’s.  Still has some powder in it.  In excellent condition.

Super Stratton compact from the Ascania.  In great condition and never used.  Complete with the cardboard insert from Stratton.  Completed in 1925 as the fifth of Cunard’s “A” Class ships that served Canada, the Ascania… read more ›

One of the best brochures ever done for Berengaria.  With 24 pages with 18 full-page images of her first- and second-class public rooms, it is amazing to compare the interior of her and her sisters… read more ›

Super impressive aerial photo for the RMS Berengaria.  Taken sometime in 1935 or the beginning of 1936 (because Majestic is docked at Cunard’s Pier 54).  With frame, it measures about 18″ x 13.75″.  Comes from… read more ›

Souvenir enamel spoon as sold in the onboard gift shops of the famous Berengaria.  Dates to the 1920’s. Stupendous Cunard logo surmounting the spoon.  Slight manufacturing flaw in the enamel which does not detract and… read more ›

Extremely clear photo of Carinthia probably on her trials.  Stamp on the back reads: Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Ltd. Clydebank Division.”  This was the name for a consortium of shipbuilders that was created in 1968 from… read more ›

Impressive and well-made pre-war sterling silver and enamel souvenir spoon.  The “pretty sisters” also had great gift shop items.  Measures about 4” long and in near mint condition.

One of the more whimsical souvenirs Cunard produced for their post-war ships was these EPNS silver ashtrays in the shapes of a suit of playing cards.  I have for years been working to obtain the… read more ›

Nice full-color brochure produced for Cunard Line’s fantastic Caronia.  Twelve images for her interiors and exteriors.  Measures 16″ x 18″ inches.  Very good condition.  I had 15 of these! You guys cleaned me out and… read more ›

I love these colorful cut-aways.  Whether you frame them or just take them out and look at them, they’re gorgeous and informative.  Cunard must have loved them as well because they produced them for all… read more ›

Not-often-seen brochure produced for the launch of the largest ship built anywhere since the end of WWII, Cunard’s incomparable Green Goddess, Caronia.  Because of post-war rationing, promotional materials were not produced on the scale seen… read more ›

Butterfly-wing reverse-painted pin dish as sold in the on board gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Like me, you could collect the whole set of butterfly wing souvenirs or just get this as a great example. … read more ›

This one is an oldie but a goodie.  A lengthy letter written on board the Cunarder Etruria in the 1880s.  Comes with its original postmarked envelope.  Quite rare to find anything from the Cunarders of… read more ›

Glossy color-coded first-class deck plan for the famous Franconia.  Dated November, 1950.  Sports 6 color images, including the famous painting of her by Kenneth Shoesmith.  In excellent condition.

Impressive real photo of Cunard’s Ivernia of 1900.  This large photo shows the ship in Liverpool  just before WWI.  Note the distinctive brown painted band just under her white superstructure.  This was a feature of… read more ›

Not often seen spoon as sold in the on board gift shop from Cunard’s ill fated Lancastira.  In excellent condition with no problems with the silver or its high quality enamel.  Measures about 4” long.

French medal designed by Rene Baudichon to commemorate the sinking.  One side shows a sinking Lusitania, and the opposite side shows the Statue of Liberty rising from the water holding a sword aloft.  These are… read more ›

The famous Lusitania medallion produced as a propaganda piece by the British.  These were originally sold for a shilling each back in 1916 with proceeds going to the Red Cross and St. Dunstan’s Blinded Soldiers’… read more ›

Exquisite first-class stand-up menu for RMS Lusitania dated October 14, 1913.  When opened, there is a music program printed inside, and the musical director is listed as C. Cameron, who later lost his life when… read more ›

Fine colorized card showing Lusitania on her trials.  Of course, she is listed as new.  The card was mailed March 21,1911.  Very good condition with dog-eared corners.

A fine nautical sea shell souvenir for the RMS Lusitania.  In very good condition with a chip to one shell but does not detract.  One lose shell inside but not an issue when you hang… read more ›

Difficult-to-find souvenir spoon as sold in the gift shop of Lusitania.  Sterling silver and made by Elkington.  The spoon is surmounted by an absolutely stunning 3-D Cunard logo with the ill-fated liner’s name engraved into… read more ›

Beautiful silver souvenir spoon from the RMS Lusitania’s gift shop with lovely enameled image of the ship at the top of the handle.  It is sterling, made in Birmingham, and dated coded to 1912.  Perfect… read more ›

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