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A very early brochure for her, probably from her entry into service.  32 pages with 30 images, many I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Huge amount of information about the rooms and heavy concentration on the decorative… read more ›

Simply fantastic full-color cutaway for Cunard’s RMS Aquitania.  In excellent condition aside from some pin holes.  Does not detract.  All the typical iconic views are shown including the athwartship cutaway and color views of the… read more ›

Van Ryper started his ship modeling business in 1933 in Martha’s Vineyard. The idea was straight forward–make handmade models in a very recognizable style.  The name is famous, and the models are outstanding.  But being… read more ›

Sought-after souvenir compact as sold in Aquitania’s gift shop.  A nice item that dates to the 1930’s or 1940’s.  Still has some powder in it.  In excellent condition.

Iconic baggage tag featuring Cunard’s fantastic four stacker RMS Aquitania.  Unused with some slight brittle paper loss at edges.  Once there were tens of thousands of these, now only a precious few remain.  Measures about… read more ›

One of the best brochures ever done for Berengaria.  With 24 pages with 18 full-page images of her first- and second-class public rooms, it is amazing to compare the interior of her and her sisters… read more ›

Souvenir enamel spoon as sold in the onboard gift shops of the famous Berengaria.  Dates to the 1920’s. Stupendous Cunard logo surmounting the spoon.  Slight manufacturing flaw in the enamel which does not detract and… read more ›

The only full-scale brochure ever produced for the Caribia, which was built as Cunard’s famous RMS Caronia.  Caribia completed only one cruise in 1969.  On her second attempt to cruise the Caribbean, her power switchboard… read more ›

Extremely clear photo of Carinthia probably on her trials.  Stamp on the back reads: Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Ltd. Clydebank Division.”  This was the name for a consortium of shipbuilders that was created in 1968 from… read more ›

Impressive and well-made pre-war sterling silver and enamel souvenir spoon.  The “pretty sisters” also had great gift shop items.  Measures about 4” long and in near mint condition.

Nice full-color brochure produced for Cunard Line’s fantastic Caronia.  Twelve images for her interiors and exteriors.  Measures 16″ x 18″ inches.  Very good condition.  I had 15 of these! You guys cleaned me out and… read more ›

I love these colorful cut-aways.  Whether you frame them or just take them out and look at them, they’re gorgeous and informative.  Cunard must have loved them as well because they produced them for all… read more ›

Not-often-seen brochure produced for the launch of the largest ship built anywhere since the end of WWII, Cunard’s incomparable Green Goddess, Caronia.  Because of post-war rationing, promotional materials were not produced on the scale seen… read more ›

Butterfly-wing reverse-painted pin dish as sold in the on board gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Like me, you could collect the whole set of butterfly wing souvenirs or just get this as a great example. … read more ›

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition. Enhance your collection today with this beautiful… read more ›

Following the summer sun with RMS Caronia’s world cruise of 1965 sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?  As usual for Caronia, she goes the “wrong way” in my opinion, losing time throughout the trip as… read more ›

Very tough-to-find celluloid-and-brass cigarette box from the on-board gift shop of Cunard’s incomparable RMS Caronia.  These were, of course, made for unfiltered cigarettes.  The painting of the famous “Green Goddess” is in excellent condition as… read more ›

After her retirement and an aborted cruise under new ownership, Cunard’s RMS Caronia spent years wandering aimlessly throughout New York Harbor.  In 1974 Caronia’s owner decided to sell the furniture and fittings from this most… read more ›

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From her on-board gift shop.  A pen knife souvenir from Caronia herself.  Made of mock mother of pearl and in excellent condition.  I’m always amazed how many fewer souvenirs survive from the Caronia than her… read more ›

RMS Carpathia.  The name conjures up a night long ago when the largest ship in the world struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage.  As we all know, the Cunard liner Carpathia rescued… read more ›

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Embossed menu from Cunard Line’s famous RMS Carpathia.  The ship that rescued RMS Titanic’s passengers needs no introduction.  The menu is also quite nice with embossed grape leaves and vines and an image of the… read more ›

RMS Franconia spoon.  Clearly dating to the 1963 RMS Franconia, this souvenir spoon is in mint condition.  Purchased on board during her new life sailing to Bermuda.  Chrome plated and in excellent condition with no… read more ›

Impressive real photo of Cunard’s Ivernia of 1900.  This large photo shows the ship in Liverpool  just before WWI.  Note the distinctive brown painted band just under her white superstructure.  This was a feature of… read more ›

Not often seen spoon as sold in the on board gift shop from Cunard’s ill fated Lancastira.  In excellent condition with no problems with the silver or its high quality enamel.  Measures about 4” long.

French medal designed by Rene Baudichon to commemorate the sinking.  One side shows a sinking Lusitania, and the opposite side shows the Statue of Liberty rising from the water holding a sword aloft.  These are… read more ›

A fine nautical sea shell souvenir for the RMS Lusitania.  In very good condition with a chip to one shell but does not detract.  One lose shell inside but not an issue when you hang… read more ›

I haven’t had one of these in a while.  A beautiful enameled ship’s wheel lapel pin from the gift shop of the RMS Lusitania.  Any souvenir for the ill-fated Cunarder are extremely tough to source,… read more ›

Impressive advertising tin produced by the Cunard Line for the ill-fated RMS Lusitania circa 1907.  Very detailed.  For an advertising piece, it’s incredibly detailed down to the crow’s nest bell and the whistles.  In remarkable… read more ›

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