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Caronia (1949) Deck Plan, Cabin Class

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This 1960s deck plan for RMS Caronia is not as easily found as some of her other Cunard sisters.  The reason is a bit obscure, but I think I know why.  Starting in the late 1950s, transatlantic traffic fell off dramatically, particularly for the smaller and slower ships.  For ships like the ss America or RMS Mauretania that were not built specifically for cruising, this was a death knell.  For Caronia, she was ready to go cruising full time with outdoor pool and being fully airconditioned.  After 1957 she made almost no scheduled transatlantic crossings that weren’t part of a longer cruise.  Thus, with the ship cruising nearly full time, her second-class accommodation wasn’t really needed, and quite  bit of it was given over to crew.  So these cabin-class (read: second class) deck plans were rarely used or given out to passengers; thus making them quite interesting and hard to find.   Dated very late in her life and in excellent condition, measuring about 32″ x 9″ when opened.