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Lusitania Sailing Schedule & Rates

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One of the final rates and sailing schedules ever issued for the famous RMS Lusitania.  Dating from March, 1914, the cover art still shows Lusitania in her pre-maiden voyage paint job.  She cuts a bold figure with that white painted forecastle.  One thing I find fascinating is that Cunard was able to “grab the brass ring” twice in the 20th Century–first by creating and completing the three-ship express service as shown in this booklet.  RMS Aquitania, RMS Mauretania, and RMS Lusitania–all in service for the summer of 1914, even if only briefly before the war started.  They also were able to do this again lapping the competition with a two-ship service in 1947 with the Queens.  This brochure is in excellent condition overall, but the staples have been removed to prevent further rusting.  The cover also has some separation at the top and bottom of the spine.