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The only full-scale brochure ever produced for the Caribia, which was built as Cunard’s famous RMS Caronia.  Caribia completed only one cruise in 1969.  On her second attempt to cruise the Caribbean, her power switchboard exploded, and the ship drifted for a day until the Coast Guard came and fished her back to port.  She would never sail with passengers again.

There are 2 items on offer here.  The first is the brochure that was produced with Cunard’s Caronia images standing in for Caribia.  The second is the ultra-rare 3-page press release announcing the sale of Caronia’s/Caribia’s fittings in 1974.  This fascinating document answered a lot of questions I had about her sale for many years.  It also is one of only 2 I have ever seen–I kept the other.  Looking at what other items came with the brochure when I bought them, the brochure was likely obtained on board at the time of her fittings’ sale in 1974.  Some folds to press release and some dirt and scuffing to cover of brochure.