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Produced by the famous and still-operating Shanks Co., Ltd, this full-scale drawing shows the sink backs as proposed for the B Deck cabins on Aquitania.  They are very similar to those of Olympic and Titanic, and they should be because Shanks supplied bath ware to the White Star ships as… read more ›

Fantastic and well-made brochure for Aquitania’s winter cruise to South America in 1938.  Printed in November, 1937, the brochure sports 8 photos of the ship and her interiors in a semigloss print that would likely scan well.  Intriguingly, the brochure is constructed in an unusual way.  One half is about… read more ›

A hand-written cost estimate for the new Cunard “proposed Atlantic liner” from December 6, 1910, that exhaustively lists the estimated costs of building and installing Aquitania’s proposed engine plant.  The estimate is nearly half a million pounds, which tots up to just about a third of Cunard’s cost to build the… read more ›

Highly desirable log abstract from Aquitania’s post-war service to Canada.  Very little is seen from this period of her career.  Cunard would have kept running her on this service if she had been able to pass her certifications.  Just think, this Edwardian queen was in service simultaneously with the brand-new… read more ›

Impressive photo of Aquitania’s top of house.  With her grand Cunard funnels stretching out behind, she is the epitome of an ocean liner.  Written on the back in pencil is “Bertram Hayes,” which makes this a bit of a mystery.  The man in the Cunard uniform is certainly Aquitania’s most… read more ›

Crew boxing matches were quite popular with the passengers.  Although one wonders if the punches stopped when the bell rang or if they continued down below decks.  This match on the Aquitania does not break tradition with a packed house of passengers.  Measures about 5″ x 7″.  Back shows where… read more ›

Sought-after souvenir compact as sold in Aquitania’s gift shop.  A nice item that dates to the 1930’s or 1940’s.  Still has some powder in it.  In excellent condition.

Gorgeous stand-up dinner menu from H.M.T Aquitania.  Dated March 29, 1919.  Although Aquitania had been released from government service by this date, she was chartered by the government to make a number of voyages from the UK to North America.  It is from this period that the menu comes.  Superb… read more ›

Rarely seen luncheon menu from HMT Aquitania, dated March 29, 1919.  At this time, she was still under charter by the government for a few voyages between the UK and North America.  Great pre war card stock.  Measures about 7″ x 5″.

Nice silver-plated bell made for Aquitania’s gift shop, but only for her final voyage.  I have never seen another one, and I doubt I ever will.  Don’t you just want to ring it?  Well, one of you can!  It measures about 6.5″ tall x 6.5″ wide and has a couple… read more ›

Super Stratton compact from the Ascania.  In great condition and never used.  Complete with the cardboard insert from Stratton.  Completed in 1925 as the fifth of Cunard’s “A” Class ships that served Canada, the Ascania had a long a varied career.  This grand old Cunarder was finally retired in December,… read more ›

Nice diminutive brochure for the Berengaria, which is listed on the inside cover as the ex-Imperator.  16-page with 12 full page images.  Brochure measures 5.5″ x 3.5″  Mint condition.  From the collection of Cunard’s New York City manager, RT Johnson.

Cunard’s postwar flagship until the Queen Mary entered service.  Measures about 36” x 31” when opened.  Some typical small tears at the folds and edges, but none are over 1”.  It would frame beautifully.

A passenger list for the Berengaria, but not just any list!.  This is a list for the life-saving tourist third class, which all the lines enthusiastically embraced to help counter the tremendous fall in immigrant traffic.  What makes this one special is that Captain Arthur Rostron of Titanic fame is… read more ›

Lovely set of portrait cuff links for Cunard’s Berengaria.  Wear them on your next Cunard cruise!  I have a few cuffed shirts; so I can wear my ship cuff links, and it is always popular. These cuff links come from the estate of Ron Johnson, Operations Manager of Cunard in… read more ›

Souvenir enamel spoon as sold in the onboard gift shops of the famous Berengaria.  Dates to the 1920’s. Stupendous Cunard logo surmounting the spoon.  Slight manufacturing flaw in the enamel which does not detract and is hardly noticeable.  I only mention it to be complete.

A Cunard Steamship souvenir plate from the 1890’s. Campania and Lucania represented in all manor of English Heraldry including the Tudor Rose, the thistle, and the official coat of arms of the UK, whose motto for the Order of the Garter is spelled out for us “Evil to him who… read more ›

Full-color fold-open brochure for the “new” Carinthia.  Almost certainly date to before the maiden voyage because all nine of the interior illustrations are color renderings.  Also has a rendering of the liner.  When opened, it measures about 27″ x 19″.  Mint condition.

Superb pre-maiden voyage brochure for Cunard’s Carinthia.  18 page with lots of interior renderings and three photos of her launch.  Also has a full-color rendering of her as a centerfold.  Brochure comes with original mailing envelope.  The brochure is mint, just like it came off the press.

Color-coded first-class deck plan for Cunard’s Carinthia.  Measures about 44″ x 8.75″ when opened.  Six color photos of her interiors, including one of her restaurant complete with chairs that had been transferred from Aquitania.  Great condition.  No tears.

Extremely clear photo of Carinthia probably on her trials.  Stamp on the back reads: Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Ltd. Clydebank Division.”  This was the name for a consortium of shipbuilders that was created in 1968 from a number of shipbuilding yards on the Clyde, including John Brown.  Measures about 10″ x… read more ›

Lovely cigarette case for Carmania.  Slightly rounded so it fits the curve of your leg while in your pocket.  For some reason, nice on-board souvenirs from the “Pretty Sisters” are difficult to find.  Measures 3.25″ x 2.75″.  Beautiful enameled Cunard logo in one corner with a touch of enamel missing… read more ›

Impressive and well-made pre-war sterling silver and enamel souvenir spoon.  The “pretty sisters” also had great gift shop items.  Measures about 4” long and in near mint condition.

Beautiful souvenir ashtray from one of Cunard’s Pretty Sisters.  “RMS Caronia” etched into the rim with a lovely Cunard house flag logo in the center.  What I find interesting about Cunard pre-World War I souvenirs is that a swallow-tail burgee is frequently used in place of the regular rectangular Cunard… read more ›

Impressive hardback brochure for Caronia’s Great African Cruise of 1950.  This stunning voyage was an impressive undertaking.  It was also a one off in the life of a ship designed to carry on Cunard’s mantel as king of the world cruise.  I believe this one epic voyage was undertaken since… read more ›

Nice full-color brochure produced for Caronia.  Twelve images for her interiors and exteriors.  Measures 16″ x 18″ inches.  Very good condition.  I had 10 of these! You guys cleaned me out and this is my last one.

Cunard produced five styles of brochures for most of Caronia’s cruises — hardback booklets, soft-cover glossy brochures in full-color with inserted deck plans and full passage rates, fold-over non-glossy brochures with rates, standard rack-size brochures with rates, and small travel-agency style “flyers.”  This is the glossy brochure for Caronia’s Spring… read more ›

Rarely seen crew hat as worn on RMS Caronia, the famous Green Goddess.  This comes to us direct from the collection of Cunard’s New York manager Ron T, Johnson.  He almost undoubtedly got it off this most lovely of liners himself.  In very good condition and measures about 10″ front… read more ›

I love these colorful cut-aways.  Whether you frame them or just take them out and look at them, they’re gorgeous and informative.  Cunard must have loved them as well because they produced them for all of Caronia’s service life.  Happily, this is from her earliest Cunard White Star Line days…. read more ›

Perhaps one of you out there can tell me why Cunard bothered to make so many temporary plans in the post-war period, even after the ship was in service. Here’s a temporary plan for first class in her transatlantic configuration, dated March, 1951.  In excellent condition save for a 3… read more ›

My favorite deck plan produced for Cunard’s fabulous RMS Caronia.  Dated December, 1951, and in excellent condition.  Sporting loads of full color images (nearly 20) and happily all from Caronia.  There is no Cunard “filler.”  Produced for her cruises so lavish glossy paper and full color coding.  This is from… read more ›

For some reason, this 1960s deck plan for Caronia is not as easily found as some of her other Cunard sisters.  Dated 1965, the plan shows the changes made during the major refit that year.  You know, the one designed to keep Caronia service for 10 more years….  Oddly, the… read more ›

By far the best brochure ever done for Cunard’s superb “Green Goddess.”  Large-format brochure in full color with much gold leaf.  Excellent logos for Caronia and Cunard White Star are to be found here, which I have never seen used elsewhere.  This might just be the best brochure Cunard did… read more ›

Not-often-seen brochure produced for the launch of the largest ship built anywhere since the end of WWII, Cunard’s incomparable Green Goddess, Caronia.  Because of post-war rationing, promotional materials were not produced on the scale seen before the war, making this harder to find that those for the Queens.  Eight pages,… read more ›

Co-authored with well-known maritime author and lecturer Bill Miller, this 96-page soft-cover book about Cunard White Star’s famous Caronia is filled with never-before-seen photos.  Nearly all of the images come from my personal archive and the vast majority are unpublished elsewhere.  Included is an 18-page color section with many photos… read more ›

Butterfly-wing reverse-painted pin dish as sold in the on board gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Like me, you could collect the whole set of butterfly wing souvenirs or just get this as a great example.  In excellent condition and measures about 3.5″ across.

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition. Enhance your collection today with this beautiful display piece.  As you might expect, these are not as common for Caronia as they… read more ›

Souvenir travel clock from the gift shop of RMS Caronia.  Cunard produced a slew of great gift-shop items in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  These travel clocks were made for all the great ships in the fleet although it is tougher to find them for Caronia.  Sporting an enamel badge and… read more ›

Exceedingly rare deck plan for the Caribia.  Almost nothing ever shows up for Caronia’s abortive attempt to be a flag-of-convenience cruise ship.  She only completed one cruise, and that was a disaster with massive amounts of guest complaints.  It appears that, to save money, Universal Cruise Line used the standard… read more ›

Ok, folks.  Let’s put on our green accountants’ visors for a second because this is a fascinating bit of history.  According to the Cunard Annual Report to shareholders in 1908: “It will be within your recollection that during the last ten years, we have increased the tonnage of our fleet… read more ›

Cute fold-open color brochure for first and second class on board Cunard’s long-serving Franconia.  Dates to her postwar return to service in 1949.  Huge and lovely artwork by Kenneth Shoesmith is the highlight to this brochure.  In very good condition.

Glossy color-coded first-class deck plan for the famous Franconia.  Dated November, 1950.  Sports 6 color images, including the famous painting of her by Kenneth Shoesmith.  In excellent condition.

Beautifully restored footstool from cabin M-94 of the Franconia.  This piece is typical of the furnishings and fittings put on the ship when she was new and called the Ivernia.  In the early 1960’s, Cunard was feeling the effects of the drop in passenger traffic on the Atlantic because of… read more ›

Lovely full-color deck plan for first class on board the Ivernia.  Shows all of her first-class areas including the furniture placement.  Measures about 44″ x 8.75″ when opened and has four color photos and a large color rendering of the liner.  In excellent condition.

Impressive real photo of Cunard’s Ivernia of 1900.  This large photo shows the ship in Liverpool  just before WWI.  Note the distinctive brown painted band just under her white superstructure.  This was a feature of Cunard liners in 1914 that did not return after the war.  The image measures about… read more ›

Not often seen spoon as sold in the on board gift shop from Cunard’s ill fated Lancastira.  In excellent condition with no problems with the silver or its high quality enamel.  Measures about 4” long.

The famous Lusitania medallion produced as a propaganda piece by the British.  These were originally sold for a shilling each back in 1916 with proceeds going to the Red Cross and St. Dunstan’s Blinded Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Hostel.  In excellent condition with no rust.  Measures about 2″ in diameter.

A period memorial image of Lusitania off the Old Head of Kinsale.  She is shown amazingly near the site of her sinking in a view likely from 1909.  The frame and glass are original to 1915 as well.  In excellent condition with a just a touch of water damage to… read more ›

This real photo of Lusitania shows her docked at Cunard’s Pier 54 very early in her career, perhaps even maiden voyage.  The image is pasted to an album page and measures about 5½” x 3¼”.  On the back of the page is a photo of what may be the Red… read more ›

Lovely card of Lusitania as she appeared on her trials.  Oddly listed as Mauretania.  Cunard logo and house flag at the top and the ship’s statistics at the bottom.  Part of the Rival Photographic series.  Written on and posted. In very good condition.

When Oceaneering did its salvage work on the Lusitania in 1982, they went into the specie room and found what they thought were silver Cunard spoons.  What they turned out to be were spoons with a likeness of Lord Kitchener on them that were being shipped to the UK to… read more ›

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Super souvenir from the ship’s on-board gift shop.  In good condition considering its age with some staining on the ends.  Quite rare especially since it is white and not the more commonly seen black version.  Measures about 9″ long.

A superb signed and numbered fine-art lithograph by maritime artist Ken Marschall of the Lusitania departing New York for the final time on May 1, 1915.  This lithograph is printed on acid-free archival paper using fade-resistant inks to ensure its longevity.  This fine-art lithograph is signed by four Lusitania survivors. … read more ›

A superb signed and numbered fine-art lithograph by maritime artist Ken Marschall of the Lusitania departing New York for the final time on May 1, 1915.  This lithograph is printed on acid-free archival paper using fade-resistant inks to ensure its longevity. It is number 13 of 275 signed prints in… read more ›

Superb press photo of Lusitania survivors arriving at Euston Station in London shortly after the sinking.  By Underwood & Underwood.  I love these types of press photos because they offer a glimpse of a rarely seen side of the tragedy.  Measures about 9″ x 8½”.  Great condition.

Amazing stand-up first-class menu from Cunard’s Lusitania.  Dated October 12, 1912, just a few months after Titanic sank.  Try the Oysters on the Half Shell, the Caviar, or the Braised Duckling.  In excellent condition with superb graphics.  Could not ask for better from this famous lost liner.

This is a period press photo of two Lusitania survivors in Queenstown, who have been identified by researchers as second-class passengers Ellen Burdon and her infant son Robert.  The photo was taken in the days after the sinking.  The back is stamped May 23, 1915.  Has some crop lines on… read more ›

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