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Superb brochure for the America.  24 pages with 21 images of first, cabin, and tourist class.   Centerfold broadside rendering with color cut-away renderings of four cabin types showing the various layouts.  Dates to the early… read more ›

Dated October, 1954, which was prime time for the United States Lines.  This tourist-class deck plan for the beautiful ss America has eight very large interior images of the public room.  What a beautiful ship… read more ›

Log abstracts from the ss America are not very common for some reason.  I would have loved to have sailed on this beautiful ship, even after she became the Australis.  On this voyage, she put… read more ›

Cute and desirable cordial glasses from the on-board service of the United States.  These were bought by the last owner in New York City at the traveling sale of fittings that preceded the auction of… read more ›

Hefty water tumbler as used in the staterooms on board the ss United States.  These came directly from a couple who purchased them at the auction of the ship’s fittings in 1984.  Measures about 4″ tall… read more ›

I have had a few of these before.  I wish I had saved my previous description but figured they aren’t common enough and I wouldn’t often be able to mark them restocked.  Well, they still… read more ›

Attractive sherry glass used on board the ss United States.  This came from a manager of the United States Lines, who was able to acquire it before the auction of the ship’s fittings in 1984,… read more ›

How American is this?  Let’s belly up to the bar and say “set’em up, Joe” with these cute in-service shot glasses for the United States Lines.  Measures about 2.5″ tall.   A few available.  Price… read more ›

A useful silver bread tray by International Silver and date coded to the maiden voyage of the ss United States.  Of particular interest is the “CD” stamped into the bottom of the piece.  This is… read more ›

Silver-plated creamer from the ssUS.  Stands 2.75” tall x is 3.75” from handle to spout.  Made by International Silver Co., and marked “US Lines 62.”  In very good condition with a few small dings and… read more ›

Cute silver bowl in the Manhattan pattern.  Perhaps this is a finger bowl given the size.  Made by International Silver.  Very good condition with some use marks.  Measures about 4″ across x 2″ tall.

Silver-plated sugar bowl from the ss US.  Stands 2¼” tall x is 4½” from handle to handle.  Made by International Silver Co. and marked “US Lines 52.”  In great condition with no dents, just some… read more ›

Cute United States Lines silver tea pot by International Silver.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I just bet it holds 2 cups of tea like the individual pots used by the Cunard Line.  … read more ›

Isn’t the “Manhattan” pattern silver a stylish and classic design?  I love it and I love the Gorham version even more than that made by International Silver Company.  Happily, these serving trays are manufactured by… read more ›

What a cute and interesting item of United States Lines silver.  The inventory list for the silver used on board the ss United States shows this marked as a “casserolette.”  I suspect this was used… read more ›

The holy of holies.  The highly sought after champagne bucket from the ss United States.  Like all of you, I just love the seashell handles.  This bucket is the equivalent to getting your checker crowned… read more ›

A gorgeous and extremely hard-to-find silver fruit bowl from the on-board service of the ss United States.  Made by International Silver Company and date coded most interestingly to 1963.  It’s not very often that I… read more ›

Were you aware that there were 6 different sized meat dishes (platters) provided by International Silver to the United States Lines?  The line chose various sizes from 10″ to 22″ for use on board the… read more ›

Perhaps the most loved item of silver from the USL stewards’ perspective.  This “utility tray: was a catch all.  It was meant to go under just about anything.  The International Silver Co.’s catalog lists it… read more ›

Haven’t had one of these in a while.  A pewter-style tankard with a glass bottom from the ss United States on-board gift shop.  In excellent condition.  Measures about 4.5″ tall x 3″ across. What is… read more ›

The United States Lines was keen to showcase the food, service, and clientele of our beloved Big U.  Favorite dishes are endorsed by the ship’s most-famous passengers, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  As… read more ›

12-page brochure describing the interesting sand art in the Navajo Lounge on board the ss United States.  Measures about 6½” x 4½”.  Absolutely mint.  These have gotten very scarce in the past few years.

When I was a boy, my grandparents (both sets) had a plastic dispenser hanging in their bath room that held waxed-paper “Dixie Cups.”  I suppose this was considered the height of modernity in the 1950s… read more ›

I’m really opening doors for you now!  Doors that don’t exist anymore, that is, perhaps out outside of some Turkish farm house.  Aluminum key tag with key from on board the ss United States.  This… read more ›

Wear your collection!  I am quite certain you will be the only person sporting one of these at the next liner event or ss United States Conservancy function.  This new, in-the-box 40-50-year old belt has… read more ›

The finest advertising poster I have ever offered for America’s most important ocean liner.  I very much lament the relatively sparse number of promotional pieces for the Big U.  Fortunately, that does not extend to… read more ›

Iconic advertising poster and the first one of its type I have had the pleasure of offering for America’s most-important ocean liner.  I very much lament the relatively sparse number of promotional pieces for the… read more ›

5 cardboard signs from the Big U.  I think some of them might be for embarkation or disembarkation day.  “Temporary Sitting Today Only,” for example, sounds like the stewards were busy getting the ship turned… read more ›

Towel from the ss United States.  Marked “United States Lines”  Dated ’67.  Measures about 40″ long and 21.5″.  Made by Fieldcrest and in very good condition with only a few stains.  I have not washed… read more ›