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Item Number: 61257 $550.00

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Product Description

Extremely rare and, I might add, quite lovely comforter as used in the suites on the ss United States.  This neutral pattern would be great in any home.  This comforter was from the spare stores on the ship and is marked as such.

In those days of heavy smoking, loads of linens had to be replaced frequently, either through staining, damage, or burns; thus the need for many spares.  I went through a very large amount of bedspread, blankets, and drapes from the ship, and HUGE numbers had cigarette burns (which I did not buy).  Happily, this comforter is in excellent shape and can be used straight away in your home.  It has been professionally cleaned.  I kept one of these for my guest room, and use it on the double bed there, which it fits snugly.

Grab it while you can because you will probably never see another in this condition and because this price is lower than a modern Chinese-made comforter from a department store!