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Over 15 years ago now, I had the pleasure to pick the choicest items from the amazing Dr. Forbes collection when I helped clean out her storage units after her passing.  Dr. Forbes was the largest bidder at the auction for the ss United States in 1984.  She bought everything from the ship’s bell to hundreds of items of furniture, fittings, hardware, and kitchen items–all the way back around to a full bar from the liner.  She had a box with dozens of salt and pepper shakers from the ship.  I bought a few sets while marveling and browsing through such an immense collection.  These still have residue of pepper in them from her in service days.  Who knew the ship used finely ground pepper?  Was that a 1960’s thing or a cheapness thing?  I prefer coarsely ground pepper myself.  These have silver-plated tops and glass or crystal containers below.  Don’t be fooled by imitations online.  These aren’t marked USL, in fact, I’ve even seen fakes being sold with the glass part marked “Made in China!”  These are the real deal, and since it is likely the rest of the box Dr. Forbes had is now gone forever, it is a rare chance to use your memorabilia and know you are getting an item that was used on board the Big U herself.  I use my own pair of them everyday.  Measures about 3″ tall and in excellent condition.  See archival for photo of these from the USL catalog of silver, crystal, and china items used on board.

Dr. Forbes had a lot of other interesting kitchenware as well in her horde.  Including hundreds and hundreds of corn holders from the ship–new in their original boxes and packing material (also not marked).  I got several boxes full of the corn holders as well…. now if I could just remember where I put them?!?