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Crystal, General Wine

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I have had a few of these before.  I wish I had saved my previous description but figured they aren’t common enough and I wouldn’t often be able to mark them restocked.  Well, they still aren’t at all common, but I have found you some more.  Leave it to the United States Lines to use only one wine glass–the “general wine” as seen in the inventory.  Just picture your highly paid USL steward who, as one famous travel reviewer put it, could barely refrain from calling you “Bub” and sitting down at your table to take your order serving any and all types of wine in this one type of glass.  If you had come on board for Alsatian desert wines served in special glasses, you came to the wrong ship.  You should have taken the France!  🙂

The reviewer does go on to say if you stick to American fare, like steak and potatoes, the ship does a very good job.  Note archival for the wine glass in use and the steak and potatoes, just what USL wanted you to see.  Have your red like the Duke of Windsor did from these glasses.