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Iconic advertising poster and the first one of its type I have had the pleasure of offering for America’s most-important ocean liner.  I very much lament the relatively sparse number of promotional pieces for the Big U and their often mid-century minimalism.  Fortunately, that does not extend to her advertising posters, which are some of the most iconic ever produced for the transatlantic service.  This one is fantastic, is highly sought after, and is one of my favorites.  You can feel the wind as she plowed her way across the Atlantic at 30 knots.

Recently I bought the entire collection of a former manager of USL who started with the company shortly after the Big U was retired. As a manager, he had access to the United States and was able to get visit her while she was still intact right after her layup.   He acquired a lot of items from on board, and this poster was one of the pieces.  How many collectors can actually say that their poster came directly off the Big U?  Measures about 31″ x 21.5″.  In excellent condition.