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A brass “dog,” or nut, that was screwed down to secure the porthole/deadlight on the RMS Queen Mary.  These are not often seen as the majority on the ship were welded on after she arrived… read more ›

A rarely seen ash bin from the first-class staircase of the Queen Mary.  Sycamore veneered and fully marked on the bottom with its location on board.  These could be found in most public rooms in… read more ›

Only during her first year of service did the Queen Mary sport in-service ashtrays that were emblazoned with her name.  Like the ones on Normandie with her name, Cunard White Star found that these ashtrays… read more ›

WOW!  What a brochure for Queen Mary!  I consider this one of the two the best brochures ever done for the ship.  The word “brochure” actually doesn’t do this piece justice.  It’s more of a… read more ›

Attractive and useful third-class bunk ladder from the famous RMS Queen Mary.  In very good condition and made of solid mahogany.  These are useful and good looking by your bookcase.  See archival for one in… read more ›

Two amazingly comfortable solid-mahogany chairs from second-class cabins on the Queen Mary.  These chairs have a fascinating history. Originally used in second class on aboard the Mary, these chairs were eventually transferred for use on… read more ›

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Useful and cool bent tubular metal Queen Mary chair.  It is marked “Q. Mary, Staff Captain” on the bottom.  Because of the Queen Mary’s extreme popularity there was always a lot of need for extra… read more ›

Want to have most of the entire passenger sections of the ship in a single deck plan?  Look no further than this much-sought-after cruise plan for the Mary.  You’ll note that, although it appears that… read more ›

Beautiful Staffordshire pin dish with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition.  Enhance your collection today with this beautiful… read more ›

A pin dish for the RMS Queen Mary with the famous painting by C.E. Turner.  Measuring 5″ across, this dish is made of fine bone china and is in near mint condition. Enhance your collection… read more ›

A souvenir “Rolstar” lighter from RMS Queen Mary’s on-board gift shop.  I love the huge amount of tobacco related items produced for the great liners.  This small table lighter is a great example.  Great condition.

The French Line went for commemorative bronze medallions in a big way.  More than five were produced for Normandie alone.  Cunard?  Not so much.  They could not resist doing a medal for the Queen Mary,… read more ›

Hardback menu cover from the incomparable Verandah Grill on board the RMS Queen Mary.  Can’t you just imagine being seated in this fantastic room and opening this menu expecting (and getting) the best meal of… read more ›

One of the most collectible items ever made for the Queen Mary.  A Chad Valley take-to-pieces model.  As you can see from the photo, each deck pivots revealing a detailed color-coded deck plan, handily numbered… read more ›

Passenger list with fantastic embossed covers of the Queen Mary.  Tourist (second) class from September 15, 1937.  Filled with the typical on-board information you would need to know.  Also full sailing schedules included.  Great condition… read more ›

Portfolio of 12 pre-war images of life on board the Queen Mary, each photo measuring about 9.5″ x 8″.  Among the photos included are the Verandah Grill, the first-class Swimming Pool, the third-class Garden Lounge,… read more ›

Popular Stratton enamel lapel pin from the post-war period and sold in her on-board gift shop.  Comes still attached to its original backing.  Excellent condition.

Final transatlantic philatelic postal cover from the Queen Mary.  Posted at sea during the crossing.   In excellent condition.  Comes to us from the collection of Ron T. Johnson, Cunard’s New York manager.

And they’re off! A playful piece of Queen Mary history. One of the wooden horses used in the first-class lounge for afternoon horse racing. If you had to choose a number, I suppose No. 1… read more ›

Gold-plated and enamel tie clip from the Queen Mary’s on-board gift shop.  In great condition.  Still on its original card as sold on board.