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As you know, Cunard didn’t mark their in-service Stewart crystal glassware, but it is easily identifiable by the famous wave pattern.  Sadly, without the Cunard name on it, it is hard to come by (let alone guarantee it is from a Cunarder); so here is a chance to grab a few that were definitely used on board the Queen Mary.   These cordials stand about 4″ tall and are 2″ wide at the mouth.

How do I know for certain they are from the QM?  Here’s a little background:  A gentleman in his late 80s who lives in California contacted me recently.  He had attended the sale of the Queen Mary fittings back in the early 1970s, where he bought some items.  Now, all these decades later, he wanted the pieces he had cared for for so many years to go so another collector to cherish.  So, in a very unusual situation, I can say these cordials are definitely directly from our favorite ship, the RMS Queen Mary.