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Night Stand, Second Class

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I have sold quite a number of second-class cabin night stands from the beloved RMS Queen Mary.  So many over the years, in fact, that I have actually lost count.  Removed during the “conversion” (or what I like to call the “rip out,” the ship’s loss here is your gain, however, since the extremely well-made, solid mahogany furniture from her second-class spaces was sold to an adoring public in the 1970s.  (What the city didn’t want, Joe public was only too glad to buy!)

If I had been in charge of turning the Cunarder into a hotel, I wouldn’t have ripped out the second-class cabins and replaced them with something on par with a poor motel.  Instead, I would have removed a partition between every 2 cabins and moved original furniture around as needed to make a more suitably large space for hotel guests but one that was nearly all original.  In fact, I have many great and certainly crowd-pleasing ideas about how to fix up the mistakes of the past 55 years on the Queen Mary.  If the goal is to get the iconic liner back open again (and be profitable), I wish someone in Long Beach would give me a ring.

But back to our night stand….  It is in very good condition and sports its original finish as well as the pre- and post-war formica on the top and pullout.  Measures 28″ tall x 12″ deep x 11″ wide which makes it a great size to fit almost any space.