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Telephone, 1st-Class Cabin

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“You can telephone to any part of the world whilst at sea.”  Can you imagine being in the middle of the North Atlantic and sitting in your cabin on an ocean liner talking to people back home?  It must have seemed like the  height of modern technology in the 1930s.  While you might have been able to call any part of the world, but it didn’t come cheap!

Made of cream-colored, heavy-duty Bakelite, the phone has a pyramid shape and quite a bit of heft to keep it from tipping over in rough seas.  An identical phone can be seen in the archival photo at right of cabin M-41 (the bedroom of a suite).  These can be made to work in your home but can only receive calls.

In great condition with only some very slight damage to the plug and a chip out of the base and a crack on one corner.  One of the nicest items you can get from this legendary liner.