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The lovely ss America of the United States Lines was so very popular.  She still is.  This April, 1953, plan for first class on her really shows her to advantage in her prime.  Filled with photos, including one of the kennels.  In excellent condition, measuring about 32″ x 9″ when… read more ›

The ss America was beloved not by passenger of the United States Lines but later by her Chandris clientele.  This tourist-class plan is lovely and dates to before the ss United States entered service.  In excellent condition but has a small tear on the edge of one fold.  It measures… read more ›

If you ever wondered where the America was during the maiden voyage of the United States, now you know!  She left Bremerhaven on June 30 and then departed Southampton on July 2 so she must have passed the United States at some point during the crossing to New York.  Wouldn’t… read more ›

6¼” in diameter.  Near mint with a few utensil marks.  These were purchased at the United States auction by the prior owner.  Note the archival showing ss US’s third-class dining room with bread plates set on the tables.  Only one left.

Dinner plate for the United States Lines.  Dinner plates are not quite as common as other pieces in this pattern.  About 9½” across.  Very good condition with just a few utensil marks.  Made by Mayer.

7¾” multi-use plate.  According to the manufacturer’s catalog, it could be used for fish, salad, dessert, or “breakfast.”  I’m sure the stewards found many more uses for it!  Made by Lamberton.  Excellent condition.  Several available.

The simple grey pattern of china as used on the ss United States.  Made by their original supplier Mayer and thus dating to the mid 1960’s or earlier.  Measuring about 7½” in diameter.  In very good condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing.  Three available. (Does anyone know how and… read more ›

Rarely seen soup bowl in the graystar pattern.  More correctly called a “soup plate” (according to the manufacturer), there are several available by both Lamberton and Mayer.  Measures 8″ in diameter.  Excellent condition.  Three available.

Cute and desirable cordial glasses from the on-board service of the United States.  These were bought by the last owner in New York City at the traveling sale of fittings that preceded the auction of fittings from the ship.  These have a nice fill line and sport the fantastic USL… read more ›

Tourist-third cabin plan for the ss George Washington.  Opens to about 28” x 22”.  Built in 1908 for North German Lloyd, she was interred at the beginning of World War I and taken over when the US entered the war.  She was scrapped in 1951.  Great condition with one slight… read more ›

Beautiful 32-page brochure devoted exclusively to the Leviathan.  27 photos with mostly amazing full-page interior views.  Mostly first class, there are a few views in second class.  Some of the more unusual photos include the breakfast room of one of the “Premier” suites, the Tea Room, a corner of the… read more ›

Deck plan for second class aboard Leviathan.  When opened, it measures 37″ x 22″.  Great logos.  Color coded, would look great framed.  Dated April, 1929.  Some separation at the folds otherwise excellent.

How many times when reading about your favorite ships have you wished that you could see photos taken from very unusual locations on board?  Well, here’s one such photo.  Unusual view of the bow taken from the crow’s nest during her war duty.  Lots of army types milling about.  Unused. … read more ›

Very heavy seas as Leviathan plows through the waves.  She’s on war duty and covered up with life rafts.  Unused.  Excellent condition.

The United States Lines did lovely souvenir lapel pins in white enamel; so it stands out very well on a dark jacket.  Not often seen, this pin is for the famous Manhattan, the first ship to have an air-conditioned room.  Her first-class dining room was air-conditioned in 1932!  Given that… read more ›

Cabin-class plan for the ss Republic.  Dated June, 1924, this plan opens to about 41” x 28” so it’s quite large.  Color coded and detailed right down to the deck chair placement.  Did you know she had a dark room?  She was built for Hamburg-America and entered service as the… read more ›

Beautiful supreme stand for serving shrimp cocktail.  Great piece because it still has the glass liner that is missing from most examples.  Both the base and silver top ring are marked “US Lines 52.”  The base has use dings and marks.  Stands 4½” tall, not including the glass insert.  Several… read more ›

You might claim the interiors of the United States were a bit sterile compared to the Queens although the Big Ship’s style has become shockingly popular with the vast rise in popularity of mid-century furniture.  I don’t think anyone could knock the simple beauty and elegance of the Manhattan pattern… read more ›

Although not unique to the ssUS, the classically beautiful silver pattern used on board is one of the loveliest ever to go to sea.  This silver coffee pot by the International Silver Co. is fully marked “US Lines 52″ on the bottom.  Stands 9¼” tall (including the finial) and is… read more ›

Silver creamer in the Manhattan pattern by the International Silver Co.  Stands 4½” tall x 5¼ from handle to spout.  Marked on the bottom “1 MD.”  I have heard some theories for what this means but have not seen any proof.  The speculation is “first-class main dining room.”  Anyone know… read more ›

International silver oyster fork marked United States Lines.  In the famous Manhattan pattern.  In excellent condition.

Here is an item I have never had before.  Reaching nearly 8” long, this iced-tea spoon is so American that it is fitting that the Big U had some.  Made by International Silver and marked for United States Lines.

Useful and well made silver tray from the United States on-board service.  Sporting the famous Manhattan pattern and made by International Silver in 1952.  Measures about 6½” in diameter so a great size for displaying.  A small quantity available.

Silver-plated sugar bowl from the ssUS.  Stands 2¼” tall x is 4½” from handle to handle.  Made by International Silver Co., and marked “US Lines 52.”  Several available, and all in great condition.

From the ship’s on-board service.  Made by International Silver and back marked United States Lines.  Perfect to put with your USL coffee cup and saucer!  Excellent condition.

An oddity on offer is a stainless steel kosher iced-tea spoon made by Insico Stainless and marked for the United States Lines . A Star of David on the top of the handle along with some wear to the handle.  Measures about 8” long.  Never seen another.

Ever wondered what it was like to auction an entire Ship of State?  Well, aside from a lot of work, the answer is in this huge catalog.  Nicely illustrated and worth the purchase price alone for some of the archivals that Guernsey’s trotted out from the china, silver, and crystal… read more ›

First-class cabin bedspread from the ss United States.  Many of these twin-sized bedspreads are marked with individual cabin numbers on a tag that says “ss United States,” and all are in very good to excellent condition.  These are typically all a bit larger than their second- and third-class cousins.  I… read more ›

Second-class twin-size bedspread from the “Big Ship.”  Like the Queen Mary, the United States used the same fabric patters in many cabins, but there were different color schemes so all the staterooms didn’t look alike.  I have two variations of this pattern in this cool mid-century-modern pattern, which I refer… read more ›

I call this pattern “Brown Loop.”  The colors I have seen this pattern in are green, brown, and yellow.  It is a great pattern because it is so stylish but neutral at the same time.  It really fits well in any home with any decorative scheme.  Each twin-sized bedspread is… read more ›

Chair straps from the dining room of the ss United States.  The straps went around the chairs and hooked to the tables to keep you from moving around in rough seas.  They are very different from those used on European liners.  I think of them as chair bras.  I suspect… read more ›

What an superb piece!  Lots of people have furniture from the ss United States, but how many people can say they have the “captain’s” chair?  Well, now you can!  Fully marked on the bottom as coming from the Staff Captain’s Office.  The chair is sturdy and ready to be used… read more ›

$1,695.00 More Information

Great color cut-away of the United States. Reverse has many interior views and a blurb about the Hales Trophy.  These frame fantastically.  Opens to 32″ x 9″.  These are extremely popular!

Great color-coded plan for cabin class.  Lots of colorful interior images.  She had surprisingly spacious cabins in second class.  It seems that most cabins have at least showers.  Combined with full air-conditioning, this equals full luxury in second class at the time.  Measures over 23″ when unfolded.  A bit of… read more ›

Not often do I get to carry these cruise plans for the world’s fastest liner.  If you are like me, you don’t really believe she has lost her record for the fastest crossing.  In very good condition and, when open, measures about 18″ x 31.5″.

The ss United States is so popular that her first-class deck plans sell out fast.  Dated March, 1957, it has 8 full-color glossy images and measures about 48″ x 9″ when opened.  Absolutely mint condition.

Don’t you just love United States Lines’ miniature deck plans?  It covers all 3 classes on the Big U and sports 12 photos of her.  Measures about 36″ x 20″.  Dated March, 1954.  In very good condition with one tiny tear on the cover.

Miniature deck plan for the fantastic ss United States.  Some interesting interior photos for all classes, and of course, the plan covers the entire ship.  Measures about 20″ x 36″ and in excellent condition.  A quantity available.

Rarely seen plan for the third-class accommodations on board the United States.  Printed on glossy paper, this plan shows the added Writing Room and Library which were taken from first class around 1960 to increase the number of third-class public rooms.  In looking at the plan, I realized that none… read more ›

Soft and extremely comfortable woolen deck-chair blanket.  Just as perfect for use on your couch on a cold winter’s night as it was to be wrapped up in whilst at sea!  In excellent condition.

Useful and cool stateroom hat hook from the Big U.  Use these in your home as I have done in mine.  I have a pair of them up in my garage, and I hang baseball caps on them.  Several available.

Looking for the perfect way to enhance your display of ss United States china?  This tea towel was made for that purpose.  Sporting the famous eagle logo and with “United States Lines” woven into the fabric, it also has a date year of 1967.  In excellent condition measuring about 37”… read more ›

United States Lines brochure for the ss America and, of course, the “Big Ship,” the ss United States.  Eight color renderings and photos of the two ships, including cabin- and first-class spaces.  In excellent condition.  Measures about 16″ x 9″ when opened.

Ever wanted to do a voyage on a cargo ship?  How about on a C-2 or Mariner in 1958?  A fascinating brochure with loads of info I didn’t know.  Deck plans are included for all the different class of cargo ships.  Runs 12 pages with 6 interior photos.  Lots of… read more ›

Fare list for the ss United States and ss America dated June, 1958.  Aside from the fascinating fares — which cabin would you chose? — there is loads of other information such as the cost to ship pets, cars, bikes, baby carriages, and much more.  Mint condition.

A razor towel from the ssUS, complete with brass ring to hang it next to your sink. The marking “s.s. United States” confused me for a bit, but having talked with the previous owner about it, I am certain that it is a USL marking.  The former owner purchased it… read more ›

One of the highlights of any ss United States collection.  Commonly called “Show Plates,” these charger plates were on the table in first-class when the diner was seated and then were almost immediately taken away.  They were for show only as the gold would not stand up to much use…. read more ›

Given the vast numbers who crossed on her, gift shop items are surprisingly tough to find; so I am happy to offer this beautiful pin tray from the ship’s on-board shop, touting her as the “World’s trans-Atlantic Record Holder.”  I really like the blue ribbon running across the dish.  It… read more ›

Many tens of thousands of passengers sailed on the United States during her career.  Her popularity was never in doubt, and even in her last year she averaged nearly 70% occupancy rates.  The 1953 annual USL report to shareholders is before me as I write this.  It states somewhat drolly:… read more ›

Not typically seen this stationery from the ss United States.  The previous owner took it off the ship himself when he visited her in 1986.  Both the logo and the ship’s name are embossed onto the sheet.  In mint condition, and a small quantity is available.  Watermarked by the maker. … read more ›

Extremely rare and, I might add, quite lovely comforter as used in the suites on the ss United States.  This neutral pattern would be great in any home.  This comforter was from the spare stores on the ship and is marked as such. In those days of heavy smoking, loads… read more ›

Highly collectible coffee table from the first-class Smoking Room of the fastest liner ever to cross the Atlantic.  The top is unusual in that it is a simulated stone.  Although there are a few small chips out of it from being in storage for the last several decades, the table… read more ›

Highly sought-after aluminum stateroom vase from the ss United States.  Stands 13½” tall and is 7″ in diameter at the mouth.  See archival photo for one in use on board.  Typically, the vase has a few dings and a small dent from use on board.  The previous owner purchased this… read more ›

Brochure for the ss United States.  12 pages with 6 color renderings of her interiors.  In the back are some black & white photos of the ss America.

Rare planter from the first-class dining room of the ss United States.  Measuring 64″ long x 12″ x 10.5″, the planter is in excellent condition and just needs a clean.  Furniture and signs from the ship are seen on a fairly regular basis, but this is a rare opportunity to… read more ›

“Robot” high mid-century styling adds a lot of flair to this useful table lamp.  Has been cleaned and re-wired so you can use it for years worry free.  Complete with the original raw-hide insert to shade the bulb.  These give off a sublime soft light which is the reason I… read more ›

Want to dine on the incomparable ss United States?  This is a complete setup of ssUS first-class dining room furniture.  It is the entire thing with all the parts — chairs, tables, and straps for rough weather.  I am nearly certain that no one has put this entire set together… read more ›

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Lavishly illustrated brochure for the United States Shipping Board.  40 pages with one full-page photo to nearly every page.  Covers ships such as the Leviathan, George Washington, America, Pan America, etc.  Extensive information on LASSCO, Pacific Mail, Munson Lines, United States Lines, etc.  Includes a route map.  In short, the… read more ›