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Bone china hand-painted side plate in the “Bird-of-Paradise” pattern.  Measures just over 6” across.  Marked “souvenir” and purchased in the on-board gift shop.  Produced by Tuscan china and bottom marked with the Cunard logo.  Identical… read more ›

Lovely tea cup and saucer in the hand-painted “Bird-of-Paradise” pattern.  From the 1920’s pattern as used on the Aquitania.  Marked on the bottom as souvenir.  Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing.

Very hard-to-find cereal bowl made for Cunard Line by Foley in bone china.  Almost certainly from the Queen Mary as it was discovered in Southern California.  Measures 7″ across.  in excellent condition.  Oddly, a piece… read more ›

Famous cube pattern individual creamer from Cunard’s on-board tea service.  Stands almost 3″ tall and is about 1¾” square.  Made from bone china and is nearly mint with no chips, cracks, or crazing.  This is… read more ›

The famed, lovely, and rare five-lobed dish by Foley.  This example was made for use in the post-war tea set.  These dishes are tough to find.  In very good condition, no chips or cracks, measuring… read more ›

Many collectors call this a “large creamer,” but it is actually a hot water jug.  Your tea was brought to you as loose leaves, and you poured your own hot water and you made your… read more ›

Foley bone-china tea pot in the famous cube pattern.  Measuring just about 4″ square and standing 4″ tall.  Excellent condition.  No chips or crazing in excellent condition.  This is the larger of the two sizes… read more ›

Rare luncheon plate made for Cunard White Star Line by Foley in bone china.  Almost certainly from the Queen Mary as it was discovered in Southern California.  Measures 7″ across.  in excellent condition.  Oddly, a… read more ›

Foley bone-china side plate from the service of the Queen Mary and Elizabeth.  Has some of the usual utensil marks.  Measures about 6½” in diameter.

Foley bone-china tea pot, measuring just about 3¼” square and standing 3″ tall.  Excellent condition.  No cracks, chips, or crazing.  Some slight wear to the black line on the lid.  Displays well as a set… read more ›

The cube Foley sugar bowl.  Made of fine bone china.  I often have a tough time keeping these in stock so finish your tea set with this cute sugar bowl.  Marked souvenir and would have… read more ›

Although commonly referred to as a “large sugar bowl,” this is actually a waste dish for your spent tea leaves.  In the late 1960’s, Cunard made the “bold” move of switching to tea bags.  A… read more ›

Maddock cereal bowl measuring 7½” in diameter.  Several available and dating to the 1960s.  Each has a red sticker on the back stating it was sold on bard the Queen Mary.  Pieces of in-service china… read more ›

Hard-to-find Cunard Line dinner plate made by Maddock and almost certainly used on the Queen Mary.  This plate measures about 9.75″ in diameter.  In very good condition with typical utensil marks.  Date marked during the… read more ›

Rare egg hoop from the post-WWII on-board Cunard service.  Full Cunard logo inside.  This pattern was used in both first and second class on all the major post war Cunard ships, including Mauretania and Caronia. … read more ›

Unusual shallow plate made by Maddock.  Excellent condition.  Measures 8″ in diameter.  Maddockware is a real crowd pleaser and a collecting favorite.  Everyone wants something off the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth it seems.

A quantity of salad crescents from the service of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.  In mint condition and measuring about 8” x 4½”.  A must have for any Cunard Queen’s collection.

Side bowl as used on the RMS Queen Mary, RMS Caronia, and second Mauretania.  One day I hope to find an archive with Cunard and Maddock Ware’s history details.  While we all have and love… read more ›

Soup bowl as used on the Queens.  Measures about 9″ in diameter.  Excellent condition.  As a matter of interest Maddock Ware china is extremely hardy and was designed to be automatically dish washed in near… read more ›

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 cup and saucer in the famous “snowflake” design.  Happily both are real gold leaf and, thus, date to her very early service life.  Cup by Ridgeway and saucer by Royal Doulton. … read more ›

Heavily weighted silver bud vase sporting the Cunard logo first introduced on the RMS Aquitania.  In good condition with the typical use marks these sport from falling over.  No bent leaves at the top of… read more ›

Highly sought after Cunard pinewood pattern demi-tasse spoon as used on all the great Cunarders including RMS Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth, Mauretania, Caronia etc.  These are a must to display with your Foley and… read more ›

Cunard White Star iced butter dish as used on the famed Queens.  In very good condition with just typical use marks.  Happily both the insert and dish are matched, i.e., both are Cunard White Star. … read more ›

Mint condition lobster pick in the acanthus leaf pattern introduced on RMS Aquitania of 1914.  Made by Embassy Plate and in mint condition.   Measures about 9″ long.  3 Available.

Acanthus-leaf sugar shaker from the pattern introduced on the Aquitania.  This by Elkington silver and dated 1914, the year of her maiden voayge.  In very good condition.  Measures about 6″ tall.

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