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Minton Demi-Tasse Cup and Saucer

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Cunard 1907-era bone-china demitasse cup and saucer as used on board the RMS Lusitania and other ships of the fleet. I found this while looking through an antique store during a Titanic convention in August.  When I first saw it, I thought of a passenger sitting down to refreshments in the Verandah Cafe on board Lusitania, and when done, she may have slipped this cup and saucer into her purse to take home as a souvenir.  She was crafty wasn’t she?

I was talking to an associate of mine a few years ago, and he told me a story about going into storage on board the Queen Mary back in the early 1980’s, and one of the things he vividly remembers is a shipping crate full of these cups and saucers in the original packaging.  They had never been removed from the original wrapping, but when Cunard retired the Mary, they took a lot of items that were in storage that the company would be able to use and put them on board the Mary simply to get rid of them and close out their warehouse.

Great condition, has a very tight hairline crack on one side.  Took me a long time to find it because it’s nearly invisible.  Still displays beautifully.