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Unusal craquelure (also known as craquelle) carafe used on board Cunard vessels.  This seems to have been a late addition to the Mary’s service, put on board sometime in the 1960s.  Stands about 6.5″ tall…. read more ›

RMS Carpathia.  The name conjures up a night long ago when the largest ship in the world struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage.  As we all know, the Cunard liner Carpathia rescued… read more ›

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Very uncommon button from a Cunard crew member’s uniform, which dates to the 19th Century.  By the time Lusitania and Mauretania arrived, the buttons had the Cunard lion on them with which we are all… read more ›

Here is a first for Luxury Liner Row.  A wax impression of the original Cunard Line corporate seal dating from 1840 and used by her original founding partners, including Samuel Cunard.  I obtained this along… read more ›

A complete sheet of 24 buttons from Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL).  Mint condition and still wrapped in the original packing.  Use them on your own sports coat!

Lovely oval baggage sticker for the famous French liner Normandie.  I usually don’t sell baggage stickers, but this one is so  cool that I couldn’t resist!  Unused.

Lovely shield-shaped baggage tag for the famous French liner Normandie.  The French Line always produced amazing graphics!  Used by a Mrs. Hudson.

A lovely wool cabin blanket from the French liner Normandie.  Has “CGT” and “1935” embroidered on both ends with lovely satin trim on either end.  Measures about 70″ x 53″.  In great condition with no… read more ›

Unused and unusual gummed sticker for mail posted on Olympic.  Measures about 2″ long.  Excellent condition.  A small quantity available.

Superb gouache painting of the Cunarder liner Servia.  Dated 1884, this painting shows the popular liner, which was the first Cunarder to be fitted with electric lighting throughout and the first to be built of… read more ›

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I’m pleased to be able to offer this life jacket from France’s greatest liner.  Canvas over cork with “Normandie,” “Le Havre,” and the number “56” stenciled in black.  What appears to be a maker’s mark… read more ›

As befitted the flag ship of America’s merchant marine, the decoration aboard the United States was very patriotic.  Among the examples, was a series of 50 medallions by Gwen Lux, each medallion representing a state… read more ›

The finest advertising poster I have ever offered for America’s most important ocean liner.  I very much lament the relatively sparse number of promotional pieces for the Big U.  Fortunately, that does not extend to… read more ›

5 cardboard signs from the Big U.  I think some of them might be for embarkation or disembarkation day.  “Temporary Sitting Today Only,” for example, sounds like the stewards were busy getting the ship turned… read more ›