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Andrea Doria Life Jacket

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Andrea Doria.  The name conjures up images not only the tragic loss of one of the most beautiful ships ever built but also of one of the greatest sea rescues in history.  Premium items from the Doria are rare, and this is one of the most important items I have ever had for her–a life jacket taken off the ill-fated vessel during the sinking.

This jacket was brought home as a souvenir of the event by Joseph A. Rinkowski, an able-bodied seaman of the ss Cape Ann, who took part in this rescue operation.  This is one the few that has ever been available for the Doria, and if she is your ship, this is a must-have for your collection.  One wonders which survivor wore this off the Doria.

Comes with a letter signed by Marion O’Leary, Mr. Rinkowski’s nephew, as well as a photocopy of a certificate presented to Mr. Rinkowski and signed by the President of the United Fruit Company, which owned the Cape Ann.  The life jacket, paperwork, and Polaroid photos of the life jacket itself were sold to ocean liner dealer Ken Schultz in 1982.  He then sold it on to the collector I purchased it from.

For one of you, an exceptionally rare opportunity!