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As befitted the flag ship of America’s merchant marine, the decoration aboard the United States was very patriotic.  Among the examples, was a series of 50 medallions by Gwen Lux, each medallion representing a state of the union.  The trend in decoration on board the United States was very “futuristic,” and as such, lots of cutting-edge materials were used.  These medallions are made of a type of styrofoam and weigh a mere 3.5 ounces each.  That means that all 50 plaques weighed less than 11 pounds!

Measures 6½” x 1¼”.  There are a few nicks out of the rim, but overall in great shape.  All the medallions I’ve ever seen have this flaw. In fact, we’re lucky these survive at all considering the delicate material they’re made from.  A number were broken while being removed after the auction.  Identical plaques could be seen at the Windmill Point Restaurant in Nags Head, NC when that establishment was still open. See the second photo at left.

Talk about a one-of-a-kind item!  Here’s a rare chance to own a piece of art from America’s most celebrated ocean liner.