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Dated October, 1954, which was prime time for the United States Lines.  This tourist-class deck plan for the beautiful ss America has eight very large interior images of the public room.  What a beautiful ship… read more ›

First-, second-, and third-class plan for the Colombo.  12 photographs, both on board and exterior.  Ship’s particulars in Italian and English.  Measures 32″ x 29″. Various dates.  By this time, she had been repainted with… read more ›

Want to have most of the entire passenger sections of the Queen Mary in a single deck plan?  Look no further than this much-sought-after cruise plan for her.  You’ll note that, although it appears that… read more ›

Cruise plan for the Europa (ex-Kungsholm). This was her second incarnation. After sailing for NDL for about 16 years, she became the Columbus C and sank in Cadiz, Spain, after hitting the breakwater in 1984…. read more ›

Outstanding pre-maiden voyage first-class deck plan for the s.s. Imperator.  Printed on onion paper, the plan is dated 4-1913 and was printed in the United States.  Measures 36″ x 33″ when open.  Considering it is… read more ›

Tourist-class deck plan for the ss Liberte.  It’s surprising how small her tourist-class accommodation was.  8 photos and dated 11-15-50.  When opened, it measures 31″ in length.  Excellent condition.

Impressive glossy full-color deck plan for Cunard’s little-loved Media and Parthia.  They were two post-war beauties but were not really suited to the traffic needs of the day.  Although if you had the time the… read more ›

WOW!  Amazingly hard-to-find deck plan for Cunard’s famous Carpathia, dated September, 1908, and listed as a “cabin plan.”  Looking at the plan, it appears that first and second class were combined into one at some… read more ›

Glossy deck plan in Italian and English dated January, 1962.  Getting late for this famed and long lived liner.  Seven photos.  Very interesting photo showing the pre-war first-class dining room still intact.  Compare this to… read more ›