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RMS Olympic Pre-Maiden Voyage Deck Plan

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This deck plan is in all likelihood the nicest item I have ever had on the site.  Tissue deck plans for Olympic are VERY tough to come by, especially one in top-notch condition and a pre-war example to boot.  I have seen very few over the years.  Even tissue plans from the 1920’s are not easy to obtain.  This one is probably the rarest of all Olympic deck plans — a pre-maiden voyage tissue plan dated January, 1911 (corrected March, 1911), that mentions Titanic in two places.  The plan represents White Star at its high-water mark with Olympic entering service and Titanic rapidly completing.  One panel of the plan proudly announces that Olympic and Titanic are the “Largest Steamers in the World” and that Olympic would enter service in June, 1911, and that Titanic was “Building at Belfast.”

The condition of the plan is near perfect with very few holes at the folds and only a slight 1/4” tear at some of the edge folds.  A passenger has circled two cabins in pencil and written the passages fares for them.  This does not detract as it was written in period and was how these plans were intended to be used.  Besides, this guy was looking at some great cabins.  Imagine how much they enjoyed crossing on the greatest ship in the world later that same year — now over 100 years ago.  Some slight discoloration of the plan where it was folded.  Measures about 40” x 30”.  Rare does not do this plan justice.