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White Star Line, Rates and Plans, April 1912

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This is the first brochure/deck plan for the White Star fleet that was issued immediately after the Titanic disaster.  Dated April, 1912, this printing was “cancelling previous issues.” In other words, the previous issues which mentioned Titanic and removing any reference to her.  White Star’s advertising department must have had to work overtime to get this out as quickly as possible.

The first 9 pages are pretty much dedicated to the ship and her particulars.  Full details of on-board services, such as gym, squash court, restaurant (including two inserted ads sheets), passage fares, and full deck plans for first class. The brochure runs 27 pages and includes several full-page pictures of Olympic’s interiors.  Also has deck plans for Oceanic and Majestic (of 1889).

Some slight chipping to edges of some pages but otherwise in excellent condition.  I cannot say enough about the information contained in this brochure.  It will increase your expertise on this fine liner.  In fact, this is one of the rarest rate and deck plan booklets I have ever seen for White Star.  It is a king maker to a collector interested in the Olympic.