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United States Deck Plans, General Arrangement

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One of the best items I have ever had from the United States!  A compete set of general arrangement plans, which come directly from a former employee of Gibbs & Cox.   The deck-plan sheets measure about 6′ x 11″ and are very, very detailed.  All decks present (from Sports Deck to the Hold), and included are two broadsides–one rigging plan and one cutaway.  There is also a sheet listing a “Summary of Passenger Accommodations” (giving the number of passengers in each class) and one for “Convertability of Classes” (listing how many cabins of each class could be converted to a different class if needed).  These are working plans and were used by her designers.  For all we know, Gibbs himself might be responsible for the notes and small changes listed on the plans.  Heck, I bet you could make a fair bit of money printing and selling the rigging plan as a reproduction.  For one of you, a very rare opportunity to own something like this for one of the most important ships to ever be built.  Chipping at the edges of most sheets and a small tear or two, but this does not affect the plans at all.  The broadsides have been reinforced with tape, and two of the sheets are separated from the book but are present. They could be paper restored, but since the chipping is only on the edges I like the look and knowing that these were actually used at Gibbs & Cox.