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My personal favorite brochure produced for RMS Mauretania.  In fact, it could be the best brochure ever for the great ship.  Lavishly illustrated, covering first class, which runs 24 pages with many full-page photos.  It… read more ›

Glossy full-color first-class plan for the second Mauretania. A passenger has marked and noted the cost of their very nice A Deck outside cabin. Dates to the mid 1950’s. Near mint condition.

Here is one I haven’t had in some time.  A cute brochure for the RMS Mauretania.  Using fold outs it covers the majority of the first-class sections of the ship.  Circa 1922-1925ish she is still… read more ›

Impressive glossy full-color deck plan for Cunard’s little-loved Media and Parthia.  They were two post-war beauties but were not really suited to the traffic needs of the day.  Although if you had the time the… read more ›

A piece of coal that was salvaged from the wreck of the Cunarder Oregon in the early 1990s.  When I was talking to the diver about his collection of Oregon items, I asked him if… read more ›

Six-sided ceramic tile salvaged from the Cunarder Oregon.  Interestingly, the ship flooring was largely very high-quality ceramic tiles.  I wondered why such a labor intensive and, not to mention heavy, flooring was used.  This led… read more ›

Mosaic floor tiles salvaged from the ill-fated Cunarder ss Oregon.  The diver who brought these back described where he found them, and the information and location means that they are almost certainly from the smoking… read more ›

Early souvenir made for the gift shop on the famous Cunarder RMS Queen Elizabeth 2.  Manufactured by Staffordshire out of fine bone china.  In excellent condition and measures about 6.75″ across.

A Stuart crystal souvenir glass as sold in RMS Queen Elizabeth’s on-board gift shop.  In perfect condition.  Measures about 4.25″ tall with the ship’s name engraved on the base.

Lovely souvenir lighter from the RMS Queen Elizabeth.  There were several different colors made by Rolstar, this one being the ivory version.  Near perfect condition. Stands about 2″ tall.

Mint condition souvenir tea towel from the world’s largest liner.  This item comes from the collection of Ron Johnson, Operations Manager of Cunard in New York.  He started with the company in 1926 and retired… read more ›

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