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Mauretania (1907) Brochure

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My personal favorite brochure produced for RMS Mauretania.  In fact, it could be the best brochure ever for the great ship.  Lavishly illustrated, covering first class, which runs 24 pages with many full-page photos.  It is easy to see why she was FDR’s favorite ocean liner.  Among the unusual views seen are the gardener working in the Cafe, the fireplace in the library, and some of the redecorated cabins.  Some of her “New Staterooms on B Deck” are, as one Mauretania researcher puts it, obvious forerunners of the Queen Mary’s Art Deco style.  Carefully look at these brochures produced for Mauretania in the 1920s and 1930s.  There are several different cover-art versions around which are all the same size/format/length, but they are each different in their own way.  Collect the whole set!   Excellent condition, haven’t had one of these in a while.  Dates to the mid 1920s.