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Oregon, Mosaic Floor Tile

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Mosaic floor tiles salvaged from the ill-fated Cunarder ss Oregon.  The diver who brought these back described where he found them, and the information and location means that they are almost certainly from the smoking room since it was described in period literature as having mosaic floor tile.  Since photos of the room don’t seem to exist, this is yet one more example of how we can learn from salvaging artifacts.  Only three example of this tile are known to exist.  Need I say museum quality?

As the diver who recovered this explained to me, the entire ship is nearly collapsed, and he spent large amounts of time on the bottom digging in the sand and mud to find artifacts.  Our diver was daring and would often put his face on the sand, reach down through an opening (sometimes a porthole, sometimes just a decayed hole in the hull), and feel around in the dark looking for items.  He never knew what he would pull out — a lobster, part of a plate, or many times absolutely nothing.  Luckily for us, he found this section of mosaic floor.