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Oregon, Guion Line Plate Shard

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A shard of Guion Line china recovered from the ss Oregon.  As you know, Oregon was built by the Guion Line, which could not afford the payments to the shipbuilder; so the liner was repossessed and picked up by Cunard for a song.  She was in their service only a short while before she sank.  In as-salvaged condition.  Measures about 7.25″ from end to end.

One of the more fascinating things learned from the salvage done on her wreck over the years is that ever-frugal Cunard used their competitors’ china alongside their own.  Those who say we cannot learn anything from salvage or that items should be left in the dark down on the bottom to rot don’t fully appreciate the amazing rush of knowledge from salvaged items such as this.  Salvaged items answer questions (and even sometimes raise new ones), which is simply amazing and puts us one step closer to 1886.