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Wonderful pair of candlesticks made from the teak handrail of the Mauretania.  Standing 8″ tall, these are in excellent condition. One candlestick has a plaque from Hughes, Bolckow Shipbreaking Co. in Blyth, Northumberland, attesting to their origin.  Just imagine gracing your table with the ship that held the Blue Ribband… read more ›

The famous UK-based shipbuilding magazines were busy covering hundreds of liners and warships that the yards churned out during the Edwardian era.  Still, there were moments of great pride when a huge new liner came out like Olympic, Aquitania, Mauretania, and, of course, Lusitania.  For these marquee ships, Engineering, like… read more ›

Mauretania celluloid pin sold by the American Baptist Publication Society. Perhaps the society took a crossing on Mauretania? More likely they were riding the publicity coat tails of the fastest ship in the world to raise funds. Excellent condition. Measures ½”.

I’ve been informed that this specially produced nighttime photo card is a doctored version of a daytime view. Notice the crescent moon is “backwards.” This photo was originally taken September 17th, 1907 as Mauretania was heading towards the sea and away from her builders yard. Posted July 27, 1917, with… read more ›

Famous photographic post card of Mauretania in her diamond-shaped dazzle scheme. One of several she sported during the war. Crawling with troops (they’re even standing on top of the wireless cabin). Unused and in excellent condition with one dog-eared corner.

Amazing real-photo postcard of Mauretania painted in one of her World War I dazzle schemes.  Lots going on in the image with an airship and warship.  Unused and in excellent condition save for a corner crease.

Impressive and rarely seen real-photo postcard showing Mauretania’s first captain, John Pritchard, on the ship’s bridge in 1907.  Perhaps taken on the trials.  Postmarked in 1910 with one slight crease.  Will scan beautifully.

Mauretania… the ship that for a generation was the definition of THE ocean liner.  Lovely mint-condition sterling silver souvenir spoon from the gift shop of the great liner.  Cool leaf design the runs from the bowl to the enamel.  The enamel is perfect, no flaws of any kind.  Date marked… read more ›

I’ve always said RMS Caronia was Cunard’s Art Deco masterpiece for many reasons not the least of which is she’s my favorite so I get to be a little bit fond of her! Still, I am sure you will all agree that RMS Mauretania gave Caronia a good run for… read more ›

Glossy full-color first-class plan for the second Mauretania. A passenger has marked and noted the cost of their very nice A Deck outside cabin. Dates to the mid 1950’s. Near mint condition.

Deck plan for what was more commonly known before World War II as second class.  Cabin-class deck plan for the lovely Mauretania dating to the late 1950’s.  Containing numerous interiors and one exterior photo, this plan folds open and measures about 32″ x 8½”.  A couple of different dates available. … read more ›

A pirate or privateer if you wish but basically a pirate.  Sir Henry Morgan of Captain Morgan rum fame admitted this Mauretania cruise passenger Mrs Mary Milleman into his band of pirates.  A nice bit of memorabilia of a fun on-board activity 56 years ago.  In good condition with a… read more ›

Don’t you just love the Cunard souvenir lapel pins?  I do, and I think they have a lot of style.  This pin from the second Mauretania is no exception.  In very good condition.

Very few companies (not even post-war Cunard) produced such lavish launch brochures as Cunard themselves did in the 1930s.  Their three big ships of state all got the top treatment.  Mauretania might have the luxury of claiming the nicest brochure of all.  Sporting 30 pages with three full foldouts —… read more ›

Her “bible” if you will.  I am pleased to be able to offer this special edition of The Shipbuilder magazine for Mauretania.  It is a treat just to browse through it!  Covers all things for the “New Mauretania” in great detail.  Have a specific question?  Need to know a technical… read more ›

From the gift shop on board the RMS Mauretania of 1939, or as folks still call her, the “new” Mauretania.  I use my personal ocean-liner cuff links as often as I can; so these cuff links might come in handy for one of you.  In very good condition.

Impressive glossy full-color deck plan for Cunard’s little-loved Media and Parthia.  They were two post-war beauties but were not really suited to the traffic needs of the day.  The plan sports 9 full color images and is in very good condition.  Interestingly, they date to 1958, which is surprising because… read more ›

“The ships of to-morrow.”  Super 8-page entry-into-service brochure for the Media and Parthia produced at the time of their maiden voyages in 1947.  While Cunard billed these ships as all first class, it is safe to say that, being on the secondary service, the interiors have a distinctly Cunard second-class… read more ›

Heavy copper hand-chased engraving pate made by Cunard White Star to print the announcement cards for the party held on board their brand-new combo liner Media.  Made just before her maiden arrival in October, 1947.  Media had the distinction of being Cunard White Star’s first new post-war ship and of… read more ›

A piece of coal that was salvaged from the wreck of the Cunarder Oregon in the early 1990s.  When I was talking to the diver about his collection of Oregon items, I asked him if it was easy to find coal at the wreck site since she must have been… read more ›

An extremely unusual piece.  A plate shard and part of the ship’s iron frame that were brought back from the wreck of the Oregon.  Based on the style and shape of the shard, it appears to be part of a dinner plate that once sported a Cunard logo.  The diver… read more ›

A salvaged shard of china recovered from the wreck of the ss Oregon, which sank of Fire Island in March, 1886, after colliding with an unidentified schooner, most probably the Charles H. Morse.  This is the well-known maroon-banded pattern used extensively by Cunard in the 1880s.  The maroon banding wore… read more ›

Impressive and rare intact dinner plate brought up from the wreck of the ss Oregon in the 1990s.  This is the last of the four plates I bought that are not broken.  A wonderful and hard-to-find addition to any Cunard Steam Ship Company collection. Until you handle a lot of… read more ›

$1,950.00 More Information

Octagonal ceramic tile salvaged from the Cunarder Oregon.  Interestingly, the ship flooring was largely very high-quality ceramic tiles.  I wondered why such a labor intensive and, not to mention heavy, flooring was used.  This led me to look up the invention of linoleum, which as you all know, was extensively… read more ›

A shard of Guion Line china recovered from the ss Oregon.  As you know, Oregon was built by the Guion Line, which could not afford the payments to the shipbuilder; so the liner was repossessed and picked up by Cunard for a song.  She was in their service only a… read more ›

Mosaic floor tiles salvaged from the ill-fated Cunarder ss Oregon.  The diver who brought these back described where he found them, and the information and location means that they are almost certainly from the smoking room since it was described in period literature as having mosaic floor tile.  Since photos… read more ›

I have no idea what this was used for during its time on the Oregon.  I am assuming food storage, and in my mind, I’m calling it a mustard pot.  It was recovered in the early 1990s and is one of a pair.  The other has already sold.  It is… read more ›

A bottle recovered from the Cunarder Oregon.  The diver who recovered this left the barnacles on it to show its time spent under water.  Very few items from Oregon have left the collections of the divers who salvaged them and are considered trophies by those who risked their lives to… read more ›

Heavy copper engraving plate made by Cunard White Star to print the announcements for the occasion of Parthia’s maiden arrival in NYC in April, 1948.  Parthia had the distinction of being the only liner built by Harland and Wolff for Cunard/Cunard White Star.  She and her sister Media showed such… read more ›

This is the first time I can say I have sold a Stratton compact still in its original box. Also comes with its original powder! I like the enamel cover sporting a portrait of our favorite liner. In excellent condition with some slight spotting to the mirror and some use… read more ›

Preliminary deck plans for the QE2, dated July, 1968, nearly one year before she entered service. Printed front and back, these show her original payout before any modifications were done to her. One of the changes that I was always sorry Cunard made was the removal of the Lookout Bar…. read more ›

Explore one of the coolest ocean liners ever built. This deck plan is just about as close as you can get now days to walking her decks. These are the deck plans produced from her earliest days in service. They stopped using this type of plan in the early 1980’s…. read more ›

Impressive framed plaque made for Queen Elizabeth 2’s entry into service.  Obtained on her maiden voyage and in excellent condition.  I’ve never seen another.  This QE2 plaque measures about 16.5″ x 8″  including the original frame.  This item comes from the collection of Ron Johnson, Operations Manager of Cunard in… read more ›

Back in 1969, Cunard was still producing really great items for the gift shop. Nothing made in China in sight! What is cool about this tray is she is listed as “RMS” and dates to her earliest days. Made by Staffordshire out of fine bone china.  Some light scratch marks… read more ›

Sterling silver souvenir from QE2’s series of maiden voyages — some were aborted because of the turbine troubles — made in the spring of 1969.  These are identical in design to those more commonly seen for the Caronia.  In mint condition with its original box and info card.  Interestingly, it… read more ›

Cunard’s official and confidential “commend” list for QE2’s maiden voyage.  Six pages of names, details, and cabin numbers of the well-known people who went her maiden voyage.  The sixth page is late additions..  A fascinating bit of Cunard history.  This also comes to us from the collection of Ron T,… read more ›

Ah, the days when shipping lines still produced passenger lists.  A very early list for Queen Elizabeth 2.  A crossing/cruise from Southampton to NYC via the Caribbean on November 15, 1969.  Captain Bill Warwick in command.  She’s pretty full as I estimate about 1500 names in the list including the… read more ›

Color-coded cruise deck plan for the world’s largest liner, RMS Queen Elizabeth.   I haven’t had this version before.  It shows the ship well in her pre-outdoor pool period; so dates to before 1965.  Measures about 34″ x 7.5″ and in near mint condition.

Glossy full-color first-class deck plan from the early 1960’s before the Observation Lounge had been given to third class.  Shows all the changes made to first class throughout the post-war years up to 1963, including the forward first-class cabins on Main, A, and B decks being given to third class. … read more ›

A rarely seen oddity.  Queen Elizabeth was so close to being finished with her conversion to the Seawise University that bookings were being taken for cruises.  These are the deck plans produced for those never-made, upcoming voyages.  It’s fascinating to see what parts of the ship (public rooms, cabins, etc.)… read more ›

First-class, full-color plan, dated November, 1952. Measures 44″ x 9″. Eight color images. Great “QE” logo inside a trident. Printed on glossy paper. This is considered by many to be the best plan done for her. Get it while you can as I have trouble keeping these in stock. Very… read more ›

A sailing schedule flyer for New York and Halifax.  The Queen Elizabeth is given top billing, but of course, the Queen Mary and old Aquitania are also listed.  It is undated, but since Aquitania finished her career in 1949, it had to date to 1947, 1948, or 1949.  The only… read more ›

Beautiful enameled Stratton lapel pin in the shape of the QE. Great condition. No loss of enamel and no cracks. Measures about 1½” in length. Wear it to your next event.

This is one of those items that will set your collection apart from others.  An original on-board life ring from the Queen Elizabeth.  Measuring about 29″ in diameter, this life ring has a special history to it.  It comes from the estate of Ron Johnson, who started his career with… read more ›

$3,500.00 More Information

The proclamation issued to the passengers on the maiden voyage of the Queen Elizabeth in October, 1946.  It measures about 10″ x 7¼.  On great condition with some foxing. This proclamation comes from the estate of Ron Johnson, who started his career with Cunard in 1926 and retired in 1971 as… read more ›

Dinner and luncheon menus from the Verandah Grill of the Queen Elizabeth.  A selection available with different covers.  Inquire about the one you’d like or buy them all!  Price is per menu.  A discount will be given if you want them all.

Lovely fine-bone china pin tray made by Staffordshire and sold in her on-board gift shop. No loss of gold around the trim. No chipping, cracking, or crazing. In short, it’s mint. Measures about 5″ x 4½”.

Exceptionally rare original construction plan for the Card Room and Writing Room on the Queen Elizabeth. Lots of detail. The plan even includes the wattage for the lights. Mint condition. Measures 24″ x 23″. Would be fantastic framed! See item 30310 above for a Stuart Bale photo of this room… read more ›

Last call and last sailings philatelic postal cover set from the wonderful Queen Elizabeth.  A full set including her last call at Southampton, last visit to Las Palmas, her final transatlantic voyage, and her last visit to Gibraltar.  The latter includes a nice cancellation stamp with “Paquebot” showing the Queen… read more ›

First-class travel can be relived in this fantastic hardbound booklet available to passengers in the on-board gift shop. Sixteen glossy images, most are full-color photos. At the back there is a thoughtful pocket to keep your menus and daily programs in. Nearmint condition with no roughness to the embossed Cunard… read more ›

Maiden voyage era photo packet sporting 12 photos of the ship. Both interiors and exteriors are shown including wartime views. Each photo measures about 6″ x 8″. Cunard White Star blurb is included stating “Queen Elizabeth has at last discarded her war-time attire”! Near mint condition. Never seen another and… read more ›

Mint condition souvenir tea towel from the world’s largest liner.  This item comes from the collection of Ron Johnson, Operations Manager of Cunard in New York.  He started with the company in 1926 and retired in 1971.  It comes framed if you would like it.  I can ship it to… read more ›

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