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Colorful foldout brochure for Cunard White Star’s cruises in 1935.  What ship would you have chosen?  Homeric, Doric, Aquitania, or Lancastria?  “A more thrilling program than ever!”  Fantastic condition and really grand cover art.

Interesting 24-page brochure for Cunard’s second-class service circa 1924.  The entire fleet is covered with the Mauretania, Berengaria, Aquitania, and the new Carinthia getting top billing.  Some particularly fine shots for the Mauretania.  All the… read more ›

Glossy full-color brochure for Cunard’s tourist-class (third class) transatlantic service.  Dates to the early 1960s.  In excellent condition and filled with some really fascinating images of the ships both on board and off.

Copper ashtray probably dating to the 1920’s as used on the big 3 RMS Mauretania, Aquitania, and Berengaria. These used to be much more common and are extremely tough to source now, especially in this… read more ›

Exquisite Cunard Line enamel lapel pin.  Circa 1910 so dates to the era of RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, and RMS Carpathia.  Excellent condition with no issues to the enamel.  These look really great on your… read more ›

The Christmas issue for December, 1921, of the Cunard Magazine.  Fascinating news about the goings-on of the company with much info including the conversion of the big ships to oil and the construction of the… read more ›

Nice informational brochure about Cunard’s Fishguard service.  Almost certainly dates to mid-1914, just before WWI started, because there is a full-page photo of Aquitania on her trials.  Lots of interesting information about the harbor and… read more ›

Here is a first for Luxury Liner Row.  A wax impression of the original Cunard Line corporate seal dating from 1840 and used by her original founding partners, including Samuel Cunard.  I obtained this along… read more ›

The Cunarder Umbria, the finest and fastest ship going in 1884, was rapidly eclipsed with the stunning advancement of ocean-liner technology.  A fine postcard for her in very good unused condition.

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