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Copper ashtray probably dating to the 1920’s as used on the big 3 RMS Mauretania, Aquitania, and Berengaria. These used to be much more common and are extremely tough to source now, especially in this… read more ›

One of the most iconic ashtrays used by any ocean-liner company.  The only one that might be better known is the ss France funnel ashtray.  Known throughout the collecting world as a “toilet” ashtray given… read more ›

“The Cunard company have been pioneers in the perfection of accommodations for Cabin and Second Class passengers.  Nowhere have developments been greater than in the new fleet of giant one-funnel oil-burning Cunarders.” I couldn’t say… read more ›

Colorful foldout brochure for Cunard White Star’s cruises in 1935.  What ship would you have chosen?  Homeric, Doric, Aquitania, or Lancastria?  “A more thrilling program than ever!”  Fantastic condition and really grand cover art.

Very uncommon button from a Cunard crew member’s uniform, which dates to the 19th Century.  By the time Lusitania and Mauretania arrived, the buttons had the Cunard lion on them with which we are all… read more ›

Exquisite Cunard Line enamel lapel pin.  Circa 1910 so dates to the era of RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, and RMS Carpathia.  Excellent condition with no issues to the enamel.  These look really great on your… read more ›

This is a Cunard Line pocket-sized wine and tobacco list.  They also produced a full-sized version.  I would love to know why 2 sizes/  They both had the same cover.  Not dated but judging by… read more ›

Here is a first for Luxury Liner Row.  A wax impression of the original Cunard Line corporate seal dating from 1840 and used by her original founding partners, including Samuel Cunard.  I obtained this along… read more ›

Despite employing many thousands at sea where a uniform with company-issued buttons was required, these double-house flag brass buttons are tough to come by.  A small quantity is available with some various levels of wear… read more ›

Superb gouache painting of the Cunarder liner Servia.  Dated 1884, this painting shows the popular liner, which was the first Cunarder to be fitted with electric lighting throughout and the first to be built of… read more ›

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