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Brochure, Tourist Class To Europe

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The importance of tourist class to post-war Cunard cannot be overstated.  As first-class traffic, and then even second-class traffic, began to fall as more and more people flew, tourist-class (equivalent to third class) grew mightily.  A first-class fare on the Cunard Queens cost more than flying; a second-class fare was about equal to the cost of flying.  Third class, however, was cheaper than flying so, if you had the time, it was a much nicer and less-expensive way to visit Europe.  Beginning with their post-war refits, all the Cunarders (except the luxury cruise liner Caronia) had their third-class accommodations expanded time and time again.  By the late 1950s, the situation had become extreme with even major first-class public rooms now nearly empty being given over to third class.  Which brings us all the way to this strange early 1960s brochure.  The only glossy, third-class brochure I have ever seen, showing its importance to the company at the time.  Featuring the RMS Queen Mary on the cover and many, many interior views mostly of the Queen Elizabeth.  Back cover has the famous white outline of a missing Queen Mary.  Excellent condition.